Mango pieSo delicious! And so simple that even the laziest of lazy people can cook it quickly.
Number cake with salted caramel and chocolateMy dear mother has just celebrated a big anniversary. This time I deviated from my principles of nutrition because most of the guests did not count kcal. The cake is divinely delicious and "nutritious".
Meringue roulette with raspberriesThis delicacy has not been cooked for a long time, but since it is very popular in our family, I will be happy to cook it again. This time with fresh raspberries.
Mango marshmallow cake with raspberries (no bake)Today, a new cake is being prepared with flavors and products that my soulmate likes the most. This time I didn't try to make it less caloric, but even without a lot of saving calories, its nutritional value is excellent. Only 123 kcal/100 g!
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