i am a certified fitness trainer
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Ineta Rijniece

For more than 15 years, I have been helping women and men gain the height of their dreams.

Experience shows that this is possible at any age.

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15 years of experience as a coach and nutrition consultant

If you are here, it means that you are also interested in a healthy active lifestyle and a healthy diet to create the body of your dreams and live according to yourself! And that in turn means you're in the right place.
Here you will find healthy, delicious, low-calorie recipes, as well as useful information about a healthy diet and effective exercises that can be performed without leaving home.
To lose weight you do not have to starve and torment yourself and your loved ones with your mood swings - you can also lose weight pleasantly, even with pleasure.

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A little willpower and anything is possible

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80% success is created in the kitchen

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Customer testimonials

All reviews have been written by real people in gratitude for their help and support. All reviews are unedited - just as they were submitted.

Simona Before After
Since high school, I've been sitting on a variety of diets - I've been on the lookout for weight, following the Minnesota diet and the Dican diet, but all for a while - back and forth. I went to the gym. At first, everything was fine, but as the menu was not organized, the weight returned. That's how I lost up to 104 kg when I lost and lost weight again.
Participant in the slimming challenge
Kristine's success story
When I saw my photo in Ineta's profile, many people expressed their disbelief: well, no - it's not possible, it's a photo shop where there is excess skin, etc. … Okay, I'll share with you my story of how I came to an almost perfect height.
Fan, follower, customer
Aida's success story
I've never been thin. I was always a round girl. At school I was always called, called a fat man, my brother did not call me a nurse, but a "mass". Weight after birth 117kg. Then all of a sudden I realized I had to try to drop at least 17kg. Yes, I know the saying that good people need a lot, but it was too crazy. The doctors bar me, at least for their sake! But I had a hard time because I often cried. I ate all kinds of "drag" and then I was tormented by reproaches. Then I received, then I gave up again, then I received again then I gave up again….
Follower and client
Elins success story
Ineta, dear thank you for your many tips, encouraging words, fabulous food and cake recipes. Those cakes! Many of us are in the top. If someone doubts that it is not possible, then throw the doubts away, everything can and everything is possible, you just have to be very eager and of course not give in to the first difficulties! And most importantly, remember: what comes slowly comes well. Lasting!
Participant in the slimming challenge
Inga's success story
I have to admit that the first weeks were a bit more difficult, but also extremely exciting - finding the right products on store shelves, because I live in Norway, try new flavors, plan shopping and meals ahead, take to work, etc. And then came the first results - and this 'wow' effect - when you see that all this really works, and you can eat quite a lot and delicious, and in addition to lose weight. After 4 active weeks, in which I followed the Menu very hard and lost 6.4 kg, I was able to continue working in the Whatsapp group, handing out weekly weight reports (this has been crucial for me!)…
Participant in the slimming challenge
Ilze's success story
In mid-October 2010, right on my birthday, I got on the scales. They just paralyzed me - 75.8kg. I had not been satisfied with myself for a long time. The mirror lied if I wanted to, but the numbers were even more relentless, and the fact that I didn't want to take a photo for a long time, because the photos showed my true appearance, made me realize that it was high time to change something - if I now have 75kg, then no longer behind the mountains 80… and then already 100kg, but I did not want that!

The most important thing about slimming

4 simple but important basic principles of slimming

4 simple but important basic principles of slimming

I hope that by reading this article, all those who still hope to lose weight "quickly and effortlessly" with the help of miracle cures, miracle diets, slimming tea, miracle trainers, etc., will realize that miracles do not happen.

How to start to lose weight

With what to start?

If any of you have chosen to start a "new life", I will remind you of some simple conditions under which you will be able to achieve the goal - to lose extra kg and feel good.

About allergies and IgG4 food intolerance tests

About allergies and IgG4 food intolerance tests

I am more and more often confronted with people who, when ordering a menu, write that several common products should not be consumed.