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4 simple but Important Basic Principles of Weight Loss

I hope that after reading this article, all those who still hope to lose weight "quickly and effortlessly" with the help of miracle drugs, fad diets, slimming teas, miracle simulators, etc., will understand that miracles do not happen.

I hope that by reading this article, all those who still hope to lose weight "quickly and effortlessly" with the help of miracle cures, miracle diets, slimming tea, miracle trainers, etc., will realize that miracles do not happen. That hypnosis, acupuncture, thermal pants, exercise machines and all the other super products that promise quick and easy weight loss do not work and are just advertising. All these miracle cures are advertised as white-toothed, beautiful athletes with beautiful, trained bodies - who themselves, of course, train in a completely different way….

It's all really horrible - I'm suffering from starvation, based on either a dull diet or a completely pointless refusal to eat after 6 pm, tormented people. They say they have tried everything and are finally morally ready to consider and understand these simple but at the same time essential principles of weight loss.


The main principle of slimming is to lose less calories than you consume to lose weight.

In fact, it could end there. That is all. There are no spells. And even if by 18 You will be able to eat Rafaello's box (the standard box contains about 1000 kcal), in addition to the 2000kcal already eaten that day, then slimming tea and fasting until the morning will no longer help - you will still gain weight.

And vice versa: if you eat a bun overnight, which is still in your daily caloric intake, you will lose weight even without the famous guava on your hips. All semi-charlatan diets and other methods tend to force you to eat fewer calories (loss of appetite, strict diet) or to force you to move more. Everything is supposedly simple, and at the same time not simple.


If you are already over 30, it will not be enough to simply take in fewer calories - you will also need to spend more to lose weight.

After 30 it is necessary both to reduce the amount of kcal in the diet and to increase the consumption of kcal during sports. And if you're a beginner overweight, believe me - it really works. If you decide to just reduce kcal, you risk becoming skinny fat. Decide - Do You Want To Lose Weight Or Still Fat %? In order to lose fat and look good on the beach, it is necessary to slightly increase the muscle mass, which in turn will help you burn fat without much fasting. Choose regular aerobic exercise, such as jogging or better yet, strength training. Because, as it has been proven recently - it is best to "lift" muscle tone with strength training in the weight room. Yes, unfortunately, 30 years is the limit when you need to pay close attention to what you put in your mouth and how much time you spend on physical activity.


Short-term diets provide a Jo-Jo effect. The only way out - a healthy diet and lifestyle should become your daily routine.

The result of drastic diets has been described countless times - Jo-Jo effect, as a result, women are moving further and further away from the height of their dreams, because with each such diet, % of their body fat inevitably increases. As a result of these fast diets, women lose such important muscle mass, which is responsible for our metabolism and fat burning processes.

Crash diets (500-1000 kcal) effect I have described several times. Initially, the body, without receiving the amount of calories needed for its functioning, begins to lose kg at a fairly fast rate, because the amount of calories received is significantly less than the amount of calories expended. Unfortunately, inevitably, this rapid weight loss is followed by a lack of vitamins, trace elements, nutrients necessary for the body, which results in deterioration of appearance, loss of muscle mass, deterioration of well-being, fatigue, weakness, bad mood, depression, which in turn seizures, which in turn leads to weight return and a few more extra kg.

Those who "sit" on a "fast" diet are not ready to continue it for life, or at least follow a balanced diet on a daily basis. Most people think that they will drop 3, 5 or 10 kg of their "effective" diet, and I will be able to relax again. But the result is that sooner or later all the extra kg will return, plus on top. The percentage of fat in the body only increases, as each "diet" reduces muscle mass, which is unrealistically difficult to restore, but which automatically increases the amount of fat and slows down the metabolism.

With the loss of muscle mass, the amount of calories needed on a daily basis will automatically decrease. We need to understand a very important fact - the more and more often we use these inadequate, FAST diets, the more we reduce the amount of calories our body needs - that is, even if we eat as before, there is more and more leftover from fat.

The healthiest and most effective way to lose weight and maintain weight - lifestyle change. Not for a lifetime - for life. Not a short-term diet - but a change in eating habits. Choose other products, other cooking methods. In short, if you choose a diet, choose one that you can follow for the rest of your life - for example, base your eating habits on Mediterranean diet.

Not recommended and under no circumstances use fasting. Instead, simply change your eating habits, change the foods you eat, increase the number of meals, and reduce the portion size. Think about it - if you eat even 100g less sweets every day, you will reduce your calorie intake by about 500 kcal, and that means you can start losing weight!

How to calculate the amount of calories you need? Do it here. If you need help counting calories, apply for a personalized menu or 4-week weight loss challenges here.


Slimming locally - impossible!

This means that whatever you do, you can't just lose weight in your hips, or just reduce your thigh circumference, or just reduce your belly size. Neither vibro massagers, thermal pants, or wraps will help. In short, any action aimed at reducing a particular part of the body will be futile and hopeless. You will not find anyone who has lost weight, for example only in the waist or has reduced their waist circumference (unless liposuction is performed). And all this, unfortunately, has been proven by scientific studies.

The most stupid idea is to wrap your feet or waist in thermal film before sports. In order to lose weight in these places. And so, again, you can lose weight only for the whole body. And the way it happens - for some thinning legs faster, for others we see thinning right after the face - is very individual.

For men, the last fat usually stays in the lower abdomen, but for most women the fat stays on the bottom, sides and legs for the longest time. Of course, it all depends on each individual's problem areas, and here, unfortunately, there is not much we can do and change.

In other words, if your problem area is your abdomen, you will be able to reduce it by slimming down the complexes, and then your abdomen will "go" at times. So when you see beautiful and hopeful titles in the glossy magazines or on the web, "Top 5 exercises for a slim waist", be sure to differentiate further. It's all a lie. If these 5 exercises also help to form a waist, then it will be in the very last stage, after a strong back, slender legs, firm bottom, etc. acquisition.

If you REALLY want to change your look - it's possible. My experience proves that during the year, with cleverly designed workouts and an orderly menu ANY height can be improved to at least a satisfactory appearance. But you will be able to see the first, already noticeable results after the first 3 months.

As we are armed with patience, we take out our "sleeping" sports shoes, check out the refrigerator and go - towards the height of our dreams!

With love Ineta

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