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Ilze's story: how I regained my "EU"…

Ilze's story: how I regained my "EU"…

Ask yourself just one question: do you really want to change your lifestyle and do something regularly YOURSELF to become slimmer? The answer will say everything…

Ilze Elizabete

Occupation: works in the field of art and education

Age: 28 years old.

Height: 164 cm


WEIGHT BY: 60.8kg

Weight loss: 15 kg.

I was not a "bent" type as a child, I was a round child, so I could already see that there would be a tendency to be round. From childhood I have an unspeakable love for horses, and I started training to ride as a teenager. There were regular trainings and also physical work. I had created a slim and beautiful body for myself. I eat everything I crave and I don't think about overweight problems. I went intensively to the fitness club "Georgs 5" for a couple of years, because you opened almost at the house. I really enjoyed various aerobics classes, body bike.

The first problems appeared when I changed my place, I could not find a gym in the new city that I would feel like my own. I tried several, but then I gave up by hand, of course laziness prevailed and the awareness that I was not fat was the same - but the biggest trap was my menu, because I kept eating everything I wanted, the portions increased, unhealthy food became a daily thing.

Then I dropped 12 kg once drastically in 3 months and regained them just as quickly. At that time, I had a goal while a friend is on a business trip, I want to lose weight and I also want to be beautiful on my graduation. It worked, but as it was a campaign-like event, I quickly returned to the initial stage…

I also tried Weight Watchers, but I wasn't motivated enough to get to the result at the time, but it was the healthiest way to lose weight.

This was followed by many different attempts to lose weight - both more unhealthy and less unhealthy campaign-like activities, all of which ended in surrender.

After the girl was born, the weight continued to grow, but I continued to reassure myself that I am no longer 18, that my metabolism is no longer the same as in my youth, and so on.

How did I do it anyway?

It's been 1.5 years since I started fighting myself, my weight and my "demons".

In 2010, in the middle of October, right on my birthday, I got on the scales. They just paralyzed me - 75.8 kg. I haven't been happy with myself for a long time. The mirror lied if I wanted it, but the numbers were even more inexorable, as well as the fact that I didn't want to be photographed for a long time, because the photos showed my true appearance, made me realize that it was time to change something - if I weigh 75 kg now, then 80 is not far off... and then 100 kg, but I didn't want that!

This slimming differs from the previous ones in that I do a thorough audit in my head. I search for information both in magazines and on the Internet. As long as there is a desire to really get information about proper weight loss, then it is enough - "you just have to dig!"

I remembered putting my Weight Watcher booklets somewhere in the closet, I started studying them, then in December www.calis.lv, I found a group of like - minded people, where the girls fought with their extra kg together, using whichever is closer - some Weight Watchers method and counted points, others Figure figure method, counting units. The basics of both of these slimming methods are the same, only the details differ. The support of these girls on my way to weight loss was very valuable.

I set myself a goal and tasks on how to reach the goal.

The first goal - I want to lose weight healthy.

The task - to find and explore all the information

The second goal is I want a strong and solid body

The task - to buy a gym subscription and start using it regularly, without reservations!

There were also small targets with small prizes in the middle - at 65kg the first small "shopping", reaching 60kg big "shopping". It is very motivating!

Then intensify your search for information on sports and proper nutrition, right there chicken I found another group of like-minded people “Nutrition. Healthy lifestyle without fasting! Exercise, run… ”, Which was created Ineta Rijniece, who realistically saw how many girls have myths about sports and healthy eating, how many damage their health with unreasonably low kcal diets, etc.

Ineta's advice basically coincides with SV and FD methods, the only difference is that during intense sports the body needs to give more protein.

I also understood and honestly admitted to myself that I was an "emotion" eater. When searching for information on this, I first realized how many people around me have this problem. I realized that it came from childhood - that parents and others want something good for a child in situations of sadness, anger and other negative emotions, or on the contrary, positive emotions. This is so wrong !!! It does not teach us how to deal with emotions, how to deal with or enjoy the situation, it is like a decoy, it only distracts for a while. Later, many people try to "fill" themselves with the help of food, feel themselves - and then the vicious circle begins - for example, when a person feels bad or apathetic, he eats a lot - but the feeling of emotional fulfillment does not occur, does not occur, and emotionally worse… and everything as the crown comes - overweight…

We need to change our thinking.

Everything is based on thinking, emotions, willpower - and only then everything else. You have to want change to the "bone", you want it for yourself and not for someone else.

I know I can't follow a strict diet. I want to eat varied and delicious. I know that exercise is very important to my body. I try to play sports 3-6x a week. If you don't meet more often, then I have set myself the minimum program 3 times a week.

In order for change to succeed, one must not only want to, but also work purposefully to get the desired result, not give up, give up, but in spite of everything, we have to move forward.

The path of change must be seen as a path of change for a lifetime, because returning to old habits will return excess kg.

Not to look for eternal reservations about why not do it, why I can't do it, but to find at least 3 reasons for it - why I want to do it, how I will do it, because living in the Valley of Reserves, you can live there for the rest of your life….

What have I got?

I am satisfied with my appearance, I feel energetic, happy and I feel an inner positive radiance, I look at life much more positively J

I can say with some confidence that I have changed my lifestyle, not only for myself but also for my family…

I have also found a gym "House - fitness" and now it is my second home. I regularly go to the gym, compile the program myself and diversify it from time to time.

I believe that you do not have to cook separately for unhealthy others and healthy only for yourself. I prepare healthy food for my loved ones, guests and everyone - because healthy food does not mean that it is tasty and bald. All you have to do is experiment with the nuances of taste, different recipes, etc. I used to look at cooking like a bubble, because it seemed that I could stay 1kg heavier during cooking alone…! Even potato pancakes can be made lean and delicious:

Only a child's eating habits are harder to change, but I'm glad to see the first changes there. Asking what to eat for lunch - the child answers - I want green soup (breakfast cream soup)

Indispensable things in the kitchen:

Electronic kitchen scales (preferably with tare weight removal function)


Steam cooker

Good pan and pot

Silicone brush that can be used to lubricate the pan.

Substitutes for fatty and unhealthy products:

Unadulterated yogurt - instead of cream

Milk Power - instead of sour cream

Olive oil, avocado - instead of saturated fat

Brown sugar, honey - instead of white sugar

Whole grain products - instead of white flour

Nuts, dried fruits, berries - instead of sweets

Dark chocolate - instead of candy

The best birthday present for yourself: minus 15kg!

In October, on my birthday, I received the best gift - I welcomed this birthday beautiful, slim and strong!

As good as I feel now, I've probably never felt - I want to keep that feeling in the future. This year has changed not only my appearance, but also my life and perception of life.

Ilze Elizabeth's findings:

  • You must not get stuck in the stage of pitying and squeaking, you have to tell yourself once - I want to change and start changing today!
  • Don't click for fast results.
  • You have to learn to distinguish thirst from hunger, because sometimes the feelings are very similar.
  • Sports should be started very gradually, but regularly.
  • It is important to get acquainted with the heart rate zones - most kcal are burned in the middle heart rate zone (fitness zone, which is 60-70% of max heart rate) in this zone the body takes 85% of energy from fat reserves.
  • Cardio training in the fitness area is required at least 2x a week.
  • It is important to lose weight with pleasure - to enjoy new tastes, new dishes. Enjoy sports.
    • If you do not want to count calories or units - follow the law of the plate - b– ½ portion should consist of vegetables (preferably fresh) and ¼ - carbohydrates / cereals (potatoes, rice, buckwheat, pasta, etc.) and ¼ - protein (meat, fish, eggs) .
    • In the morning meals safely include more carbohydrates, in the evening meals protein and vegetables, avoid eating fruits in the evenings because they contain a lot of sugar.
    • Foods and spices with added flavor enhancers (E 612, E621, etc.) that add to 'artificial' flavors and suppress satiety should be avoided.
    • I have almost completely excluded white flour products, sweetened drinks, I leave it for the holidays.
    • I make sweets myself, I can regulate kcal.
    • Never force a child to eat an empty plate, as this prevents him from feeling full
    • Never teach a child to "eat emotions"!

Ancient truths

  • Mandatory at least 2l of fluid per day.
  • 4-5 regular meals a day
  • Balanced, varied diet
  • Sports at least 3 times a week
  • Rapid weight loss will return just as quickly.

Ilze Elizabete's suggestions:

  • Don't give up when you don't see the first results.
  • Praise yourself for every small victory!
  • The moments when you "break off" the right track, do not blame yourself for it, do not leave your commitment, but continue the fight!
  • If there is a desire to approach, then in those moments choose products from a healthy tip.
  • Do not give up the body's initial resistance to new habits. He will initially demand old flavors, food, and so on.
  • Don't be afraid - the weight tends to fall, then stand still, then fall again. There are days in the month (each individually) when the weight increases even slightly at the expense of water retention. It is normal.
  • Keep track of your girth, as your weight may not change or even increase at the expense of gaining muscle mass.
  • Don't be afraid of strength training using weights to build muscle mass - create a varied program of exercises for the whole body, focusing more precisely on problem areas, changing it with different weights, performance times, etc.
  • Get acquainted with your muscles, try to see and feel everyone in your mind, then the training will be more productive.

An action plan that really worked - tested on your own skin:

  • I reduced the amount of salt in my diet;
  • I give up sugar and white flour products - leaving them only for the holidays. I do not use white bread, buns, patties, sweet breakfast cereals, white rice, regular pasta, etc. on a daily basis. I have replaced it all with whole grain products.
  • I gradually reduced the portion size, using small bowls and plates.
  • I eat regularly to reduce the risk of “break down”.
  • I exercise regularly, at least 3 times a week
  • I exercise not only in the gym, but also at home, everything can be found in the downloaded videos (Deanne Berry, pilates, strength training complexes, etc.) www.youtube.com, I cut the circle at home for 30 minutes, I use good weather - I stick or run outside.
  • I take different types of vegetables as a staple
  • I do not use fatty creams and other products with a high content of saturated fat.

It is very helpful to be able to mobilize to always have to work with boxes of food. It can always eat a valuable meal on a regular basis. It is important not to have cookies and candy on hand, but healthy snacks. Then, even when there is no time to eat, you can put something healthy in your mouth. I always try to keep buttermilk and honey at work.

Many ask me - how did you lose weight, how did you do it ???

The answer is not always satisfactory, because there are some people who are waiting for some magical opportunity, but there are none - There are no magic pills, sticks that will help you lose weight. It is a responsible, purposeful work with yourself. It is a regular and long-term job. An integrated approach is needed to achieve this goal.

However, for those who really want to do it, my experience may be an incentive to achieve it themselves…

Ilze Elizabete

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