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Elina's success story

Elina's success story

My story began In 2016 immediately after the birth of 4 children. My weight was, well already 98 kg and then I realized that I didn't want to be like that anymore and I told myself that I had to start doing something for the cause. I started going to the gym 3 times a week and noticed the famous Ducan diet, the weight dropped fast, I felt terrible, dizzy, smelly mouth and crazy irritability. I often get angry and smack my housewives, I smile a little, I was very sharp, as a result of which I was called a "prison guard".

In 2017, I accidentally “attacked” Ineta's blog and applied for an individual menu, but I was missing something at that time, I didn't really understand what was wrong and gave up by hand. I started sitting again for long days of water, I recognized myself in sports, I was always dissatisfied with myself. The weight then dropped, then climbed again. Then my knees crossed with Ineta again, and this time I applied July 30, 2019 slimming challenge, I hoped it would finally get me together. So, at that time I was 37 years old, 174 cm tall and weighed 74.6 kg, so far I had somehow managed to gather myself. Ineta's menu, the tips arranged my thinking. At first it was quite difficult, because it was difficult to understand how much to eat, and the craziest was afraid to break down again. Today I am 38 years old (young, of course!), A mother of 4 children and weigh 65 kg, and very soon, in August, I will become a grandmother.

My success story started right in Ineta's challenge in July 2019, the group was fantastic, understanding and very, very friendly, we all went to the same goal. Lose weight, learn to understand what is what and be able to create your own meals.

What did I mean by that? Yes, now I understand what mistakes I made back in 2016 and after that, I just fell into a ditch with all those diets, then I tried to wade out of them and it was really very hard. There is no point in training to exhaustion if the menu is not right. I was just torturing myself. Ineta and her food took me on the right path, and even if I happen to "fall" into a ditch, the ditches are not so deep and I can get out of it even with one jump.

I only train at home, I haven't been to the gym for several years. I am so happy that our roads intersected with Ineta! I loved myself so much, proud of myself like I had never been before. Now I can say yes, it is a long and winding road. I smile and so my family smiles, I owe a big thank you to my family because they all supported me to achieve my goal. There were words from her husband: if you decide to achieve something, then just do it and don't even think about stepping down. If you ever wanted to move away, the room said: what are we not going to train today? 🙂 My family joined me and we all train together.

Ineta, dear thank you for your many tips, encouraging words, fabulous food and cake recipes. Those cakes! Many of us are in the top. If someone doubts that it is not possible, then throw the doubts away, everything can and everything is possible, you just have to be very eager and of course not give in to the first difficulties! And most importantly, remember: what comes slowly comes well. Lasting! 

May you succeed! Regards Elīna.

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