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Kristine's incredible and really difficult story

Kristine's incredible and really difficult story

When I saw my photo on Ineta's profile, many people expressed their disbelief: well, no - it's not possible, it's a photo shop where there is excess skin, etc. … Okay, I'll share with you my story of how I came to an almost perfect height. I am currently 32 years old, 166 cm and the photo "BEFORE" is 73 kg, the photo "AFTER" for the fitness competition was 53 kg. Currently ~ 56-58 kg. There is still a long way to go, but I know I will succeed because I have the huge support of Ineta, whom I trust and will definitely not let go… 

Girls, everything is possible, if you really want, you just have to believe in yourself and you will succeed. I was, in my opinion, very fat (as the pictures show). So fat that the man jokingly said, "In the autumn, let's cup Kalvī"!

I realized that it can't go on like this anymore, and one day I bought a sports club subscription, because I decided that something had to be done - because it's all around with ads that promise a firm bottom in 10 days and lift 10 kg in a week! But I quickly realized what all this nonsense is, and I warmly recommend that you don't "stick to" these ads. It really is not as simple as it promises: it is a combination of hard work and great willpower. And you can find time for everything, if you want to, and unless you start looking for excuses: family, fatigue, no time, no money, you just HAVE TO GET THERE!

I was a full-time student at the time: I was in college 5 days a week from morning to evening, but every Friday and Saturday I work nights because I have a husband, two children and a dog. Everyone needs a mom, a wife and so on. Everyone must be prepared to eat and everyone will eat something else! (this is for those who say: I have a family, but I can't / can't cook for myself). But I did it. It was the hardest moments when the kids were eating burgers in the car. The smell could have made them crazy! But I swallowed the fatty saliva, turned up the music and said, “Go ahead with the scythe through the backyard! Because I only really had a free day, which was not a full holiday, because I was still after the night shift. But I had a goal and time to find everything!

I had two sports bags: one in the morning and the other in the evening. Developed a "car pilot", the morning before college away to the club, where the inevitable cardio and a short workout with weights. In the evening I change my bags and back to the hall, where I trained with weights. After the night shifts, I tried to run to the sports club, at least for cardio. But there were times, days when I was so tired that I didn't get there. Then I knew that on weekends: on Sunday, work in the hall will be double. In fact, no one believed me that I would do it, but I was so distressed and I wanted to do it so much that I didn't look at anything or any "obstacles", I just went to my goal!

I decided to take a coach. But one immediately refused, saying that it was not realistic to lose the weight I wanted… But then I thought to myself, "Well, I'll show you that it's possible!" I had already gone by then Inetas I read it day and night as a fairy tale before bed, but it was a shame to write, because it seemed that who would be with me - so big and considering that I do not live in LV. I read Ineta's blog from A to Z !!! I would warmly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight, change their lifestyle, and read all the comments: there is so much that has really helped me. And all for free! I read that to burn 1 g of fat, you need to consume 9 kcal! It reminded me so much that I only saw those numbers everywhere. I counted how much I have to run to burn those fats! Then I went to Ineta's blog about everything about food supplements, I wrote it down on a piece of paper, which, while in college, took me to the store in the meantime. But I still didn't have the courage to write and ask for advice, but now I knew the whole Ineta page: where to look, I looked at Ineta's pictures and imagined my head on her body! :))) I went to sleep and got up with a video, for which I am preparing for a race, there were days when I slept only 4h, but I still didn't miss the workout. There were nights when I was home after the gym for only 1 night and up again to run away for training at 5.30.

The first menu was prepared for me by a local trainer and it was just awful…! But I had no choice: I ate everything I had with my teeth. I was tilted and put in boxes. But I really wanted what else…! There were times when I was ready to kick the dog away and eat his dry food… because it smelled so good compared to mine! I walked like a zombie, full of bone marrow, where the kids were hiding sweets. During that period, the desire for sweets developed so profoundly…. I was standing in the store, in a row… a basket of yogurt, blueberries and chicken fillet. But in the basket in front, a huge pack of chips is playing. I tell my husband, "I'm ready to bite his throat for those chips." Yes, it is very difficult, but it is possible as long as there is a goal. One day I sat my mom at the computer, opened Ineta's page and told me to find something I could eat from sweets, my mom wrote down the recipe, and my husband made it (because I basically live in the hall!). It was like a relief. I finally enjoyed the food. But! Then, however, came the critical moment: I cried out after 3 months (I had cut everything for myself for too long!) U I ate all the sweets I found at home and I had to admit a lot…. But listen to me: never do it! I was physically discharged, I started vomiting. At that moment, it seemed to me that all the guts would be pulled out. I lay down in bed and told my husband just don't touch me because otherwise I would vomit.

And at that moment, I realized that no, it can't be that something was wrong, I got my hands on it and wrote to Ineta: with the thought that, well, there's nothing left to lose. Thinking will help - will help, will not help - will not help, but you have to try. I wrote and excited, waiting for the answer with the phone in hand… Yes !!! Ineta answered pretty quickly. I told you everything and how I wanted to, and Ineta gave me real, effective advice. She gave me so much advice and suggestion that I felt like in the seventh heaven, because I realized that I was no longer alone. Ineta neatly prepared a meal plan for me for my first race: and it even included BREAD, which I ate with the same pleasure as the tastiest cake, and at that moment it seemed that nothing was tastier than that… And as soon as I had any questions, I wrote to Ineta there was no shame and an immediate answer. At the moment we are actively cooperating with Ineta (the goal is to start the Fitness competition again in the spring) and I laugh and say: "she is my boss, who makes me do it". Yes, the goals are big for me, and the road ahead is long and hard. But with the help of Ineta, I know that I will cope.

Dear girls, be able to appreciate the advantages you have! Ineta's blog is a real storehouse of gold. It has everything you need (and free of charge!) If you want to lose weight healthy, change your lifestyle, or because I: want to take part in your first fitness competition! It has so much valuable advice. And even when writing to Ineta, she will never deny her advice, her support and help! I would heartily advise you to use it for as long as she allows it. Participate, and most importantly follow Ineta's recommendations and the result will be. And believe me, you will be a double winner: you will not only be happy with the result, but you will also gain confidence in yourself! But remember one thing: that everything depends primarily on you, if you "smile" with food or sports: there will be no result. It's just like in a marriage: if you cheat, there will be no happiness and no result. The same goes for sports. I still have big clothes in the closet, as a reminder, and small clothes shyly on the edge so as not to "step on my head", but let's have something to strive for.
Because, dear girls, the excuse to achieve your goals - neither time nor money - is just willpower. Yes, there were days when I got up in the morning: black with my eyes and holding the walls, I took my bag and away to the grass. Believe in yourself and you will succeed. Imagine yourself at an upcoming holiday, such as Christmas, your wedding, or any other very important event - the kind you want to see yourself - and you can achieve it with just a little (or a lot ...) effort…. And you will succeed. If you need help, Ineta will be the right person to turn to for advice and help. May you all succeed and believe in yourself, show everyone who doesn't believe you that you can.
At the moment I am actively preparing for the next spring-summer season (also for the spring fitness competition) and I have already imagined myself, what I want to see myself, what I would like to wear my back, and I live with that in mind, and I know that I will do it all. would be. And all this, of course, given that I have a full-fledged family, a job that also requires my own. But I rely entirely on Ineta for that. And the sports club is like a playground for adults - just like the kids go and try the whole playground, so do I: the sports club: it's my big sandbox. Imagine yourself as a child: how long can they take to the playground without thinking about food, fatigue, and so do I spit out of my children. I use my free time in the gym. Even if you manage to achieve your goals and start the path to a new life!

Best wishes, Kristine.

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