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Aida's success story

I've never been thin. I was always a round girl. At school I was always called, called a fat man, my brother did not call me a nurse, but a "mass". Someone has always pulled me to the tooth and laughed at me. It was hard during the school years, but for years it didn't matter. The first child…. weight increased, then dropped a bit, but also kept above 90kg. I used to smoke a lot.

When I got married, one of my nice days made me realize that I had to quit, and I didn't smoke anymore, the weight grew because of my craving for sweets. Life got easier, I fell in love "to the ears" only movie nights with delicious, juicy dishes, lazy holidays in bed with pancakes, lunch with pizzas, etc. I got pregnant, the weight grew very much, but I could not refrain from eating the world. But at the time I didn't even think about weight.

I felt great over 100kg, my husband loved me, I was expecting my second child, and who can refuse a pregnant woman and her wishes?
Weight after birth 117kg. Then all of a sudden I realized I had to try to drop at least 17kg. Yes, I know the saying that good people need a lot, but it was too crazy. The doctors bar me, at least for their sake! It takes 6 weeks after giving birth. I go to the doctor… and I am told "there is the next one waiting!" I am, of course, in complete shock. Well what, well, there are 3 things good things. We are expecting a third child. Weight? Overweight? What is that? Of course, everything is back in the old whirlpool. Only this time the expectations were more active, because I already had a baby on my hands. Health began to stick, blood pressure high, head ache, legs numb. Well, nothing - after 9 months the third son was born.
I went for the first walk with the little ones, I come home and I have a giant blueberry on my leg. The leg begins to swell, burning pain, hurts abnormally. I call the Mauriņš clinic, I fly there. Inflammation of varicose veins, thrombosis and more. Medicines, socks and preparation for surgery. Everything… the moment it hurts to shed tears, you have two babies and all because you are fat…. Really, you have 122kg and you can give up just because you like to eat….

That day I put a bold point on everything. I started searching the internet for everything related to the word diet, food… And almost every time I threw a page www.edunsprto.lv. 

I started reading Ineta's blog and really read everything from start to finish! I gained so much new knowledge!
And, yes: I set a goal of 100kg and started eating according to the 1200kcal menu found on Ineta's page. A whole 9 months! The weight was melting, and those 9 months were a complete change in my life. I took my husband's backpack and threw in everything that was at home that would make me "break down." I gave him all the sweets, treats and all the "bad" things to work. I made a list. I ordered food through e-maxima.lv and nuko.lv just so as not to buy anything superfluous and forbidden. I did absolutely everything I needed, drank water, ate 5x a day, prepared myself in boxes. I prepare separately for my family. I performed a total of 4 surgeries on the veins. I spent a lot of money to put my health in order. And all because I tasted good to eat.

I had already reached 98kg and I thought I was a model. Ha ha…. goals increased 🙂 When I dropped 26kg just with proper eating, I started going to the gym. I was helped by my childhood friend Raivis, he is a wonderful person, a physiotherapist, and a trainer. As far as I have a back disc herniation, he helped me find the right exercises. I started training. I regularly visit the weight room for a year. But I had a hard time because I often cried. I ate all kinds of "drag" and then I was tormented by reproaches. Then I received, then I gave up again, then I received again then I gave up again….

Ai… went hard… very hard. But you know, I still used to give up and receive again. Just when you have achieved so much, do not give up. I look at my old pictures and my nose up - I keep going! It had already reached 86kg… Wow pēc after my mountains and downstairs. it seemed at all that I wo wow wow babe…. but my goals grew. And still growing. I changed the sports club. I went to the sports club "Reaktors". And from the bottom of my heart I have loved this place…. It has such an aura! I feel at home, everyone smiles, greets… mmmm…. family. I also got acquainted with my long-known blog www.edunsporto authors Ugly . My own biggest motivator, the person I was inspired by! A person who gives so much to all of us, and what is important - of free will and free of charge, and devotes so much of himself that it seems that after reading the whole blog, I have known him and have known him for years! I write and remember, and tears in my eyes. Thank you!

It's been 2 years since I turned and started the other way. There are currently 68kg. I feel fantastic, I feel healthy, I feel happy !!! I still sometimes give up, there are times when I sit, cry, eat cakes and don't go to sports, then I kick myself and I'm on the strip again. But people are always fighting with themselves, if it is not slimming, then they are fighting in another area, so we are the people, the terrible fighters. In any case, I will not give up, I will continue the journey, because I want to be happy, healthy and I want to be an example to my three brave sons and a beautiful wife next to my wonderful husband.

Greetings to you all Aida

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