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My name is Ineta Rijniece

So let's get acquainted - my name is Ineta and I am happy, because for years I can do what is close to my heart - I can play sports, cook deliciously and healthily and inspire and motivate others with my example. My great passion has been sports since my early childhood. For the past 33 years, this has been the fitness I have been learning since I was 17, and since then it has become an integral part of my life.

There was no internet at the time and information on what and how to do to achieve better results was difficult to access, so I became interested in and learned about everything related to sport - especially nutrition, which is the basis of all sporting achievements. Slimming results for 80% are also prepared in the kitchen. I have been a certified trainer since 2007. Starting in 2006, I regularly and with good success participate in the WFF, IFBB and NABBA championships - the highest achievements: 2012 - WBBF Europe Grand Prix open - 2nd place, 2014 - WFF World Championship - 2nd place in the "Athletic" category and 1st place in the "Master class" (over 40 years), 2015 - WFF / WBFF Europe AM Championship - 2nd place 2017 - WFF / WBFF Amber Prix international - 3rd place in Athletic category and OVER ALL WINNER “Baltic cup international” (Absolute category), 2018 - WFF / WBFF Amber Prix international - 1st place in the “Figura Athletic” category and 1st place in the “Master class” (over 40 years), 2019 - WFF / WBFF Europe AM Championship - 1st place in the category Athletic over 175 cm and 1st place in “Master class” (over 40 year).

Diplomas and medals have accumulated over the years - that's all, but in reality, they do not determine the quality of my life. I am over 50, but I feel like a 30-year-old and the biggest reward of my life right now is the "thank you" to the many people who, thanks to my experience and inspiring example, have also made significant strides in improving their bodies and well-being. It is a great pleasure to receive good feedback on my work and support, and it just means that I am on the right track. Experience shows that it is possible to get a beautiful body and feel good at any age - you only need a little willpower and support. Don't invent the bike yourself - apply for menus or training programs for me and together we will do what you think is impossible.


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My basic principles of healthy weight loss

On average, one chocolate candy has about 60 calories, chicken fillet 100g - about 110 calories, green vegetables 100g - about 25 calories. 5 chocolates = 200g chicken fillets with 300g vegetable salad. It's simple - you have to learn to combine the products properly so that what we eat is both delicious and provides us with all the necessary nutrients, but there are no extra calories that our body can turn into fat.