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Inga's success story

Inga's success story

It was 'fateful' on September 9, 2019. I went to Facebook and saw that my childhood girlfriend had posted a new profile picture that looked much slimmer. And in his comments he had written that he had participated in Ineta Rijniece's Slimming Challenge. I asked Google - what is the Challenge and what is Ineta Rijniece. And I found that the very first day of the Slimming Challenge was already on that day.

Since the idea of losing weight had preoccupied me for some time (had been achieved 109.5 kg!), without much thought, I hurried to write an e-mail to Ineta asking me to be on the 'departing train' - the new Challenge. I was very surprised to receive an answer the same evening, and that I will be able to receive the menu the next morning. And the next day, on September 10, at 6 in the morning, Ineta's carefully designed Menu was in my e-mail, and this wonderfully delicious adventure and a great collaboration with the fantastic Ineta of her work, the Inetta of her heart, began.

I have to admit that the first weeks were a bit more difficult, but also extremely exciting - finding the right products on store shelves, because I live in Norway, try new flavors, plan shopping and meals ahead, take to work, etc.

And then came the first results - and this 'wow' effect - when you see that all this really works, and you can eat quite a lot and delicious, and in addition to lose weight.

After 4 active weeks, in which I followed the Menu very hard and lost 6.4 kg, I had the opportunity to continue working in the Whatsapp group, submit weekly weight reports (this has been crucial for me!) And receive a lot of new inspiration and information from Ineta, although you set more and more goals, to maintain the spirit of competition together with inspiring members of the fighting group. A little more inner freedom and courage to experiment and try more and more new and delicious recipes from Ineta's rich blog began. And the weight continued to fall, because the knowledge about kcal deficiency, the importance of nutrients and their balancing was already in place. What more could you want - eat delicious, balanced and still lose weight! :)

Then came the small challenges - the big trip to Thailand, Christmas - but with the knowledge base I gained (what and how to save on kcal, what products to choose, what to do before and after the holidays), and my inner motivation was still losing weight.

So I lost weight by February 11th (within 5 months) (21 kg)  only with meal planning, kcal deficiency. As there was a certain feeling of lightness, they wanted to start playing sports as well. I applied to the sports club and was very happy to attend group classes until the Covid crisis. It is so great to feel and be aware that the muscles are also employed and strengthened.

Then came the beautiful spring, when we went on countless mountain hikes, riding a bike. And it already is at the end of May mīnos 30 kg, a huge influx of energy, lightness, compliments, improved health - incredible and fantastic !!! This path is not over and will not end - because this must be accepted as a way of life. And I like it! Going back to September 9, 2019, a big thank you to my childhood friend Eva (Eva has also shared her success story) for sharing her accomplishments and information, because otherwise I would not have known about this miraculous opportunity. That's why I share my story, too, to be able to encourage, inspire and encourage fantastic change.

PS Weight on 02.02.2021 .and 69.5 kg! So it is already - 40kg!
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The new slimming challenge starts on 3 June, after

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