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How to start to lose weight?

For those who have chosen to start a "new life", I will remind you of some simple conditions under which you will be able to both lose extra weight and feel good - how to start losing weight.

Hello friends! For many, these tips may seem simple and 'elementary', but only those who have not been able to implement them in their lives for more than a few weeks, maybe even days, can laugh at them.

I know 99% people will still be hoping to find a “fat-burning” pill, or go on another questionable “fat-burning” challenge, or go enjoy some Detox program or, at best, try “fat burning workouts”. Or "sit" on another "miracle" diet, after which you will regain what you have lost. Or, following the suggestions of your friends, start a new "trendy" diet.

And yet, however, I will be so nasty and allow myself to remind you:

✔️ First admit to yourself that you have been shot wrong… If you are overweight, so you have not done something right - therefore, first find out the cause of your overweight. And realize that something needs to change in your life.

Calorie Deficit - Well, sorry. Well, although you run with your forehead in the wall, but as long as you eat more calories than you expend - you will NOT be able to get rid of excess fat. And the longer you listen to the buzzers that the calorie deficit (calorie counting) "doesn't work," the more you become overweight.

✔️Nutrition. OB (protein) not less than 0.8 -2 g (depending on your physical activity) per 1 kg of mass per day. T (fat) not less than 20% of the total calories on the menu - I would recommend 30%. My tested recipe for "drying" and preparing for the competition: 30%-40%-30%. (OB - OH - T). This composition allowed you not to lose muscle mass and feel energetic enough. I would recommend 20%-50%-30% for the ordinary, "standard" population.

Kard Cardio and strength training have long been proven to help “burn fat.” ⠀

✔️ Buy fresh and healthy products. At verified sellers. Don't spend money on all the useless additives: L carnitine, BCAA, slimming teas, various detox smoothies, herbalists and others, sorry, manure. Cook for yourself, instead of ordering ready-made food or eating out.

✔️ Eat a variety, without excluding anything that tastes great, well, just (just reduce the amounts), drink water and select unrefined products.

✔️ If you do not have a medically justified prohibition or instruction from a doctor to exclude a product from your diet, do not think of excluding them yourself. It's like fashion now, and I don't see why. Where did this myth come from that dairy products are after that gluten is after…. It's already like a trend - I'm going to lose weight and gluten off my diet now. Why??? Well, there are no products that you will lose weight faster and more efficiently without using or consuming. There are also no products that will promote "detoxification" of the body. I'm sorry, but there are none.

✔️ And finally - if you have chosen to get rid of extra kg forever, then remember that in the long run you will not regain lost weight only if new eating and lifestyle habits become your daily routine. If you are ready to live this way and eat it for the rest of your life, the extra kg will never return, but if you return to your old eating habits after the "slimming treatment" - the extra kg will return with a guarantee and will probably win.

If you choose a miracle diet that prohibits the consumption of any product, or a mono-diet (buckwheat, eggs, oranges, etc.) I can immediately recommend: it is better not to start at all, unless you want to regain excess weight double. You can read more about the "fast" diets and the Jo Jo effect here.

Slimming foundation: kcal deficiency + nutrient balance + physical activity.

With love Ineta

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