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Simon's success story

Simon's success story

Time to share my story with me too. Because my first goal: to get at least 80 kg is done! 

I have to admit to be honest, but I like it to any extent. But have there been moments that made me wonder if I'm really happy? Crazy, if you are shopping for a pregnant woman's yoga while shopping, even if you are not pregnant, or does someone know if the customer is asking at work, or am I expecting a third baby? Crazy, right? And the last drop was in the photos at a classmate's wedding, and when I saw myself in the photos, I was stunned, because there wasn't a single photo I could feel - a big mommy.

I've been sitting on a variety of diets since high school - I've been on the weight list, following the Minnesota diet and the Dican diet, but all for a while - back and forth. I went to the gym. At first everything was fine, but as the menu was not organized, the weight returned. So, leaning down and breaking down again, I gained up to 104 kg.

I have known about Ineta's blog for a long time. From time to time, I have already tried this from recipes. But then Facebook saw Ineta's challenge "Towards Autumn" and without thinking for a long time I applied. Before applying, I still lost 4 kg, because I was ashamed of so much weight. I described my activities and that I want to get rid of excess weight slowly and gradually. In return, I received a weekly menu - very uncomplicated, very tasty and suitable for the whole family. At first I didn't really believe that it would work for me, but slowly, gradually during the year I got rid of less than 20 kg. And to this day, in general, I am lighter than 22kg.

I like that I do not starve at all, I eat with pleasure, bake cakes every week and I am glad that I can eat even ¼ cakes in one meal and not worry that fat, sugar, calories too much. Others do not understand how I have lost weight at all :)

Although the challenge of the 4th week is long over, we are still in the support and motivation group with Ineta. A colossal group, in which they encourage each other, if, however, it happens to slip on their feet, because it tends to happen, we share sports ideas, with interesting recipes and over and over again. In a group that has already lost 100 kg. 

I am very happy to apply for this Challenge, because thanks to Ineta, I have come so far and can really enjoy any photo I see myself. Ineta's attitude is simply super-motivating, encouraging, when she does not go as she should and wants to push everything in her mouth, she does not condemn us, but soothes us, does not neglect us and helps to get back on the strip.

My challenge is not over yet! My initial goal of 80 kg has already been reached, but new ones are already being set!.!

Even if you succeed in achieving your goals!

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