Why can't I lose weight?

Hello friends! The days stay longer, the nights shorter: this means that in spring it is. And now is the right time to fight your extra pounds and get rid of them forever!

There are only 2 real reasons why you can't lose weight

  1. There is NO calorie deficit on your daily menu.
  2. You just think you're deficient in calories, but the truth is it's not deficient at all.

I really don't want to offend anyone with my unbelief, but the fact remains: the laws of physics work….

I often hear: "I have tried 100 times already, I have counted, I have been eating only 900kcal for a year, but the weight is both immovable and immovable".

You know, I have an unpleasant message for you - if you are not lean on calorie deficiency, then you will NOT be on calorie deficit. POINT.

Give up all your resentments, infidelity and just take and check your menu

No one has to live a lifetime of counting calories. However. If your goal is REALLY to get rid of excess weight forever, to be healthy and to feel good - you still need to learn to count at least what you eat and understand the composition of the food you eat.

There is no other way. Just not. And there won't be.

Be honest. Not against me or anyone else - against myself. Count everything you put in your mouth. At least a couple of months. Until the last mouthful. To understand how many calories there are in a slice of bread or a piece of innocent dark chocolate. Either you take it seriously, or you smirk at your inability to lose weight with incredible genetics and heredity….

Do not allow yourself to fall into "sin" during the holidays and deviate from what you have started without counting what you have eaten. Even if you have listed everything correctly all week - there is no reason to relax. Thus, erasing everything that has been done so far. You don't want that, do you?


Don't set too many and drastic restrictions on yourself

Restrictions that will be difficult to endure for a long time will not help you lose weight, because sooner or later you will "dry out" and therefore, apologize for the expression, rinse all your efforts in the pot.

"Well, everything, I started to lose weight - now I will eat 900-1000 kcal for 12 weeks, I will give up sweets and flour products completely." unable to lose weight. And after a week of torment, falling into another swallowing attack, selflessly justifying and making excuses - well, I can't do anything to myself, as if the link had been broken and the evil one himself was "weak for me."


Increase your physical activity

Either way, in any circumstances. Yes, sports clubs are closed, but we already know that walking, exercising at home, climbing to your apartment on the 5th, 6th or 7th floor, no one forbids. And most importantly, let me remind you again - be honest with yourself. If you have once decided to lose weight, then I hope that it is your personal decision, but not to run along with fashion, to be on trend….

If you REALLY want to lose weight but don't know how to start, fear again that you will fail, feel free to write to me and apply to one of my  Slimming challenges "NOMET LIEKO", which begins on the first Monday of each month.

I will help you learn to eat delicious, healthy and how to communicate excess weight without fasting and stress. I will help you understand which products to choose in the store to pay attention to. Because my clients really lose weight when eating!

With love Ineta

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