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How to speed up metabolism

Which of us girls has not dreamed of being able to eat everything and a lot and at the same time be herself, herself, herself… ..the most beautiful and herself, the slimmest…?

Below are the only and truest prerequisites for speeding up your metabolism and becoming a witch… 🙂

It has long been proven in the world of science that intense strength training is the best way to increase your "lean" mass. …

But! When I speak human language, I mean "muscle mass" that part of a person's body weight that largely determines your resting metabolic rate at rest.

It's about the same basic / basic metabolism - your body's daily energy (calorie) consumption, which provides life processes and makes up the majority of your daily calorie intake. For example, my basic metabolism is around 1600 Kcal / day + physical activity - training, walking to the store, etc. - about 300 to 700 Kcal / day. On days when I train, I can burn a maximum of around 500 Kcal during my workout. But if I could increase my basic metabolism a bit… Well at least 100 Kcal / day - those would be the calories my body would consume without any extra effort on my part - just keeping my body alive tāpēc That's why increasing my basic metabolism is very important especially for those who want to lose their weight.


How much does the base / basal metabolism change with increasing muscle mass?

One study showed that with an average increase in muscle mass of 2 kg, metabolism increases on average by 7% (~ 100 kcal per day).

Another study showed that increasing “pure” muscle mass by 1.5 kg increased the metabolic rate of 7% (~ 162 kcal per day)

The third study showed that increasing muscle mass by 2.4 kg increased the metabolic rate by 4% (73 kcal / day)

The group that received additional OB (protein) increased their muscle mass by 3.3 kg and accelerated their metabolism by 6% (108 Kcal / day)

The results are mixed, but all of these studies together undeniably show that increasing muscle mass by 1.8-2.2 kg can increase metabolic rate by 6-7 %, which is about 120 Kcal / day.

And the good news is that muscles take up about 2 times less space than fat. That is, by increasing muscle mass, you can lose weight without significantly losing weight - simply by replacing fat with muscle.

But it's just as important to remember that there are a number of factors that can affect both your metabolic rate and muscle mass - and only a few of them are your age, body type, genetics and lifestyle factors that also play a role in your metabolism. speed control.

If you "sit" on a diet to get rid of excess kg, then one of the ways to maintain your metabolic rate and muscle mass - is strength training.

Therefore, I repeat, girls (and boys) do not be afraid of weight bars and dumbbells! These are your best companions on the way to a slim body !!!


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