Why do you suddenly gain weight

Why do you suddenly gain weight

11 reasons why you gain weight even if you don't change anything in your life - eat as always and the level of physical activity does not change.

Which diet is best?

Which diet is best

How to lose 10kg in a week? Which diet is best? Why can't I lose weight? I hear such and similar questions very often…

How to start to lose weight?

How to start to lose weight

For those who have chosen to start a "new life", I will remind you of some simple conditions under which you will be able to both lose extra weight and feel good - how to start losing weight.

Intuitive eating - what is it and are you ready for it?

Intuitive eating and calorie deficiency

How to eat properly without harming your health? More and more often we hear - we have to listen to our body, our intuition bet, but mostly all this leads us to what? Right! Overweight! And this, in turn, at various health problems.