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Healthy weight loss challenge 4 weeks to drop excess

You will not have to calculate anything yourself - everything will already be calculated and prepared just for YOU (all participants do not have the same copy-paste menu).


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Apply now so that I can prepare a suitable menu for you!

You will receive a menu for 4 weeks and my support in any matter related to the menu, sports or weight loss.

Price for 4 weeks - only 50 Eur.

‼️ If you do not live in Latvia or have a food intolerance, the fee for participation in the project will be 60 euros. In this case, fill out the form for the individual menu HERE un norādiet, ka vēlieties pievienoties tievētāju WhatsApp grupai.1

No risk!

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Feedback from participants

All reviews have been written by real people in gratitude for their help and support. All reviews are unedited - just as they were submitted.

Simona Before After
Since high school, I have been on a variety of diets - the "weight watchers diet", the "Minnesota diet" and the "Dukan diet", but they gave short-term results - no matter how much weight I lost, I gained it back, and each time more and more. I went to the gym. At first, everything was fine, but since the menu was not organized, the weight returned. That's how I lost up to 104 kg, breaking down and losing weight again.
Participant of the weight loss challenge
Elins success story
Dear Ineta, thank you for your many tips, encouraging words, amazing dishes, and cake recipes. These cakes! Many of them are at our top. If someone doubts that this is impossible, then discard doubts, everything is possible, you just need to really want it and of course, do not give up at the first difficulties! And most importantly, remember: what comes slowly comes well. steady!
Participant of the weight loss challenge
Inga's success story
I have to admit that the first weeks were a bit more difficult, but also extremely exciting - finding the right products on store shelves, because I live in Norway, trying new flavors, planning shopping and meals ahead, taking to work, etc. And then came the first results - and this 'wow' effect - when you see that all this really works, and you can eat quite a lot and delicious, and in addition to losing weight. After 4 active weeks, during which I very diligently followed the received menu and lost 6.4 kg, it became possible to continue to lose weight in the Whatsapp group, to give weekly weight reports (it was very important for me!)…
Participant of the weight loss challenge
Ilze's success story
In 2010, in the middle of October, right on my birthday, I got on the scales. They just paralyzed me - 75.8 kg. I haven't been happy with myself for a long time. The mirror lied if I wanted it, but the numbers were even more inexorable, as well as the fact that I didn't want to be photographed for a long time, because the photos showed my true appearance, made me realize that it was time to change something - if I weigh 75 kg now, then 80 is not far off... and then 100 kg, but I didn't want that!

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