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Snicker cake (gluten free)

I did it! Probably, if not the most complicated cake in my design, then the most labor-intensive cake though. But it was definitely worth it!

Gluten-free cake Snicker
Servings12 Servings
Ingredients for Biscuits
 3 Eggs
 60 g Almond flour
 60 g Gluten - free flour mixture
 30 g Cocoa
 30 g Erythritol (volume sweetener)
 6 g Baking powder
 150 g Warm water
 Sweetener (stevia or other intense sweetener) to taste
 A pinch of salt
Ingredients for "Caramel"
 100 g Dates
 120 g Water (make sure that the finished mixture, mixed with nuts, is squeezed out of the pastry bag)
 12 g Butter
 70 g Roasted, crushed peanuts
 Vanilla essence
 A pinch of salt
Ingredients for Nugai
 30 g Egg white
 50 g Agave syrup (or maple or date)
 40 g Milk powder 1%
 30 g Water
 6 g Pectin
 6 g Sucralose
 Sweetener as needed
 Vanilla essence
Ingredients for "Caramel" condensed milk cream
 150 g Skimmed milk powder
 300 g Milk 2%
 200 g Culinary cottage cheese "Baltais"
 Sweetener (intensive) as needed
Ingredients for "White Ricotta Cream"
 250 g Ricotta fresh cheese (6%)
 200 g Fresh cheese Philadelphia (11%)
 Vanilla essence
For soaking biscuits ~ 150 gr strong, sweet coffee
Ingredients for Chocolate Glaze
 50 g Dark chocolate without sugar (RED)
 65 g Milk
Decor: 20 g roasted peanuts and home-made "candies" from dried fruits and nuts.

First, sprinkle the dates with boiling water so that the dates are thoroughly soaked.


Strong, sweet coffee is made to impregnate the biscuits.

Cooking sponge cake

Eggs are separated by egg whites.


Mix all dry ingredients (almond flour, gluten-free flour, cocoa, baking powder).


For egg yolks, add a pinch of salt, vanilla essence and dry mixture - mix. A thick, dry mass is obtained. Gradually add warm water. Sweetener and vanilla essence. Mix everything, set aside.


Whisk the egg whites in the foam. Add erythritol and whisk into a stiff foam.


Whisk the egg yolk-flour mass with the same mixer.


Gradually stir in the egg whites over the egg yolks. Stir to one side so that the egg whites do not settle.


Divide the dough into 3 equal parts and bake at 180 degrees ready for ~ 15-20 minutes. Remove and cool.

Finished dates "caramel"

Put the soaked dates in a saucepan with water and cook in a porridge.


Add a pinch of salt, vanilla, butter and blend.


Add the chopped roasted peanuts. Stir and set aside. (I immediately filled the pastry bag and squeezed the tip).

Finished "Caramel - condensed milk cream"

Pour the dried milk into the pan and fry until golden brown. They come together: it's nothing, it will be right. Cool and grind the coffee into a powder.


Pour the milk into the saucepan, add the ground milk and stirring constantly, boil until the mass thickens and evaporates the excess water (~ 10-15 min). Cool in the refrigerator.


Add sweetener and curd "White" to the chilled "condensed milk". Sakuļ. Set aside to cool.


Fill the pastry bag, squeeze the tip and place in the refrigerator.

Finished "White Ricotta Cream"

Mix 250 g of fresh Ricotta cheese with 200 g of fresh Philadelphia light cheese.


Add vanilla essence and sweetener. The mass is filled in a pastry bag. Put in the refrigerator.

Finished Nugu

First, on baking paper, draw a “stencil” - a circle that is ~ 1, cm smaller in diameter than a biscuit.


Whipped 30g egg whites in a stiff foam.


The pot pours water and syrup. Boil.


Pectin is mixed with sweetener (mandatory - so that no lumps of pectin are formed).


Gradually add the pectin mixed with the sweetener to the water, stirring constantly. Cook the syrup.


At the same time, whisk the already whipped egg whites, add hot syrup to the jet.


Whisk and add the dried milk. Mix.


Spread the mixed mass on a parchment paper with a spoon, place on the other side of the paper and place in the fridge / freezer to set.

Preparation of the cake

Place the first biscuit on the base.


Using a pastry brush, or simply with a spoon, soak the biscuit thoroughly with coffee, along the edges, squeezing 1/4 of the “caramel” cream from the pastry bag (caramel cream will be needed for all 3 biscuits and sides) and form a “side”.


In the middle, also with the help of a pastry bag, squeeze the caramel with peanuts in a circle (not everything - leave for another biscuit) with peanuts.

Gluten-free cake Snicker


Cover with 1/3 of the "White Ricottas" cream on top and even along the edges and smooth (cream will be needed on the remaining 2 biscuits and edges).

PS At this point, the acetate plate should be wrapped around an acetate plate and a pastry metal ring wrapped around the biscuit.

Gluten-free cake Snicker


Place a second biscuit on top, soak it in coffee and place it on top, "in the center". Fill the sides with brown caramel cream. Apply "white" cream on top of "Nugai" and smooth.


Put on top of the third biscuit, soaked in coffee. Spread 3/4 of the "caramel" cream. Put in the refrigerator to freeze. Leave the remaining "white" and "caramel" cream in the morning. Side edges and surface

Gluten-free cake Snicker


In the morning, remove from the refrigerator and smear the prepared "caramel cream" along the sides and on top: I did it with both creams: thus forming a slightly "mottled side".

Finished glaze

Heat the milk (do not boil).


Add the broken chocolate and melt while stirring.


In the middle of the cake, press the outline of the smaller dish as the border to which the glaze will be.


The cooled glaze (~ 30-33 degrees) is poured into a pastry bag, the end itself is cut off and the decoration is formed: a leaked glaze. You can see how this is done on youtub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZqSaUNuHiE


Sprinkle with roasted, chopped peanuts.


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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1725

Servings 12

Amount Per Serving
Calories 305.75
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 13.61g21%
Total Carbohydrate 28.21g10%
Protein 17.6g36%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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