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Cake with sea buckthorn vanilla cream

It often happens that I have been nurturing a thought for a long time, and then, one fine day, it is realized. This time it was a cake with sea buckthorn.

Cake with sea buckthorn vanilla cream
Servings10 Serving
Ingredients for Sponge cake
 3 Eggs
 100 g Flour (I use 40g whole wheat, 30g oatmeal and 30g green buckwheat flour)
 200 g Banana
 75 g Dates
 45 g Skyr natural yoghurt (can be just yogurt or just kefir, but I like that there are both)
 30 g Kefir 0.5%
 25 g Cocoa
 6 g Baking powder
 6 g Soda
Ingredients for sponge cake soaking
 90 g Sweet strong coffee (may also be sweet milk, but the milk must be heated together with the sweetener)
Ingredients for Cream
 475 g Culinary curd "Baltais"
 400 g Frozen sea buckthorn (of which ~ 230g of sea buckthorn juice remains when blended and squeezed through a sieve)
 250 g Ricotta fresh cheese (11%)
 100 g Kefir 0.5%
 30 g Whey protein (vanilla, may or may not add dry milk)
 2 tsp. Vanilla extract (or any other vanilla spice: essence, vanillin, or vanilla sugar)
 30 g Gelatin
Ingredients for Icing
 200 g Milk
 25 g Dry milk
 25 g Cocoa
 8 g Gelatin
  For decoration berries, marshmallows, meringue
Preparation of sponge cakes

Sprinkle the dates with boiling water and leave to soak for ~ 30 min.


Eggs are separated from the egg whites (make sure that the whites do not contain a gram of egg yolk).


Mix and blend all dry ingredients.


To the separated egg yolks add yogurt, kefir, banana and soaked, sliced dates - all neatly blended into a homogeneous mass.


Sift and mix the dry ingredients.


Whipped egg whites and gradually (3x), mix carefully into the dough - carefully so that the egg whites do not "settle".


The dough is poured into a mold - this time I bake in 3 silicone molds (16cm), but I can bake it in one big one and then cut into slices.


Bake at 175 degrees for 20 minutes. (must look after the stove). But if there is, you can bake 3 separate biscuits, dividing the dough into 3 equal parts. Then bake for a correspondingly shorter time. (~ 20 min).


The biscuits are cooled, wrapped in cling film and placed in the refrigerator so that the biscuits are evenly moist.
I usually bake biscuits the night before and hold them all night.

Preparation of the cream

The sea buckthorn is thawed, blended and the juice is squeezed through a sieve. Boil with sweetener.


Sprinkle the gelatin with cold water and swell.


Mix culinary cottage cheese, ricotta, skim milk kefir, protein, sweetener.


Sea buckthorn juice is added to the curd mass, whipped and added dissolved gelatin. The mass is mixed, filled into a pastry bag. The mass will need to be squeezed into 3 equal parts.

Assemble the cake.

Press a little cream on the base (so that the biscuit does not slip on the surface) and put the first biscuit, soak it thoroughly with sweet coffee (30g).


It is surrounded by pastry rings, ~ 19cm in diameter. - slightly larger than the wheels. Put acetate tape inside the ring.


Squeeze 1/3 of the cream onto the biscuit, filling all the edges and surface.


Place a second biscuit on top, thoroughly soak it with sweet coffee (30g) and squeeze 1/3 of the cream onto the biscuit.


Repeat the same with the third biscuit.


Refrigerate for 5-6 hours.


Remove in the morning and decorate with glaze and berries.

Finished Glaze

In a bowl with 50g of milk add 8g of gelatin and leave to swell.


In another pot pour 150g of milk and add 25g of dry milk, mix so that the milk "slightly" soaks.


Add cocoa, sweetener, vanilla and, stirring with a pastry brush, heat and bring to a boil until the mass thickens slightly.


Stir the swollen gelatin into the hot cocoa mass and stir until it dissolves and the cocoa glaze remains homogeneous. Set aside to cool, but before that I recommend passing it through a sieve so that the glaze is smooth without lumps. And apply the food film to the container so that it touches the warm mass (it will not form when the film cools).


Wait until the glaze cools to 30-32 degrees, then it will spread beautifully, will not drain too much and will not clot too quickly. And cover the cold cakes just removed from the refrigerator.


All the decorations must be prepared by hand in time so that they can "stick", because the chocolate glaze hardens quickly. As soon as the glaze is coated immediately put on top of the decor.

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Nutrition Facts

Finished product weight 1900

Servings 10

1 serving contains
Calories 256.8
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 7.3g12%
Total Carbohydrate 25.3g9%
Protein 20.9g42%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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