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How to lose weight better?

Spring is approaching big steps and the time has finally come when you have seriously decided to lose weight, become slimmer and healthier.

Hello friends!

Spring is approaching big steps and finally the time has come when you have seriously decided to get rid of extra kg, become slimmer, healthier. And, of course, you start looking for the most effective method?

Friends recommend that you guarantee 100% success interval fasting, you see a claim in another ad that there is nothing better than Keto Diet is not fictional, but friendly colleagues recommend donating blood to find out what your blood type is and follow a blood type diet. The coach of the sports club with his "drying" and competition experience claims that as long as you do not exclude from the menu carbohydrates, dairy products and gluten - Nothing will happen! The sellers of the sports food store will definitely emphasize that without their new super-puper "miracle fat burners" in beautiful, bright cans, you have no chance to seriously lose weight.

But let's go back to our physiology and talk about much simpler techniques. About what works 100% from both a practical and scientific point of view.


How to lose weight? What is needed to lose weight?

Just three things:

  1. Calorie deficiency (which can be achieved with diet or sport or nutrition + sport);
  2. Enough protein;
  3. Saturation products.

That's all and believe it - it works!

But, it will all start to work to its full potential if you do not blindly rely on the "mystical" willpower that everyone seems to have, but you don't know why it is not given at birth. Your daily habits.

Qualities that need to be developed to achieve the goal:

  • Perseverance
  • Patience

And look no further for all these spells… It will come when, thanks to your perseverance, discipline and diligence, you see your new EU in the mirror…

With love Ineta

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