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Amethyst Cake

Believe it or not, but this delicious cake has no added food coloring and has only 128 Kcal / 100g. Take a look at its nutritional value - a real Fitness Cake!

Cake Amethyst
Servings10 Servings
Ingredients for Biscuits
 3 Eggs
 190 g Banana
 75 g Dates
 75 g Skimmed milk kefir
 105 g Whole wheat flour
 40 g Volume sweetener - erythritol, which will be added to whipped egg whites (but can also do with banana and date sweets)
 1 tsp Soda (5g)
Ingredients for berry puree (200g of finished puree will also be used to make purple cream)
 460 g Blueberries (frozen)
 280 g Blackberries (frozen)
 220 g Blackcurrants (frozen)
 45 g Corn starch
Ingredients for Purple Cream
 200 g Berry puree
 500 g Culinary cottage cheese "Baltais"
Ingredients for White Cream
 650 g Culinary cottage cheese "Baltais"
 90 g Non-fat cottage cheese cream "Alma"
Biscuit impregnation ingredients
 Syrup water (sweetener + water, or milk + sweetener if milk must be heated)
Prepares Biscuits

Dates aplej with hot water and soak soft. ~ 20-30 min.


Eggs separate the whites.


Kefir, sliced bananas are added to the egg yolks and blended. Add the penalty - mix and set aside so that the penalty "works" (the mass becomes "puffy").


Add the soaked dates and seal again.


Add flour, mix. And set aside allowing ~ 5 minutes to swell.


Meanwhile, beat the egg whites into a stiff foam. At first whisk them in a light foam. Then add 40g of erythritol and whipped into a stiff foam.


Gradually mix the egg whites into the dough - stirring them slowly and without removing the spoon from the dough (so that the egg whites do not settle).


The dough is divided into 3 parts and bake 3 biscuits for ~ 30-35 minutes at 175 degrees. Cool.

Finished berry puree

The berries (fresh or thawed) are blended into the porridge. Put in a sieve and rub the berries. It should be noted that if the berries are diced (for example, as I picked blackberries), it will be more difficult to do, if only blueberries, it will be easier.


To 500g berry puree add 45g cornstarch, sweetener and stir, boil until the mass thickens. Put to cool.


300g of chilled berry puree is filled into a pastry bag, pressed the end and set aside.

Finished Violet cream filling

To 500g of culinary cottage cheese add 200g of the remaining berry puree and sweetener, mix so that the color remains uniformly purple and fill in a pastry bag. Squeeze the tip and set aside.

Finished White cream filling

To the culinary curd 650g add 90g of nonfat curd cream "Alma", sweetener, vanillin. Mix, fill in a pastry bag, press the end and set aside.

Finished Cake

Remove the biscuits and immediately soak them in syrup water.


Place the first biscuit - in the middle of it in a spiral from the pastry bag squeeze half of the berry puree (150g). Cover the edges and top with white cream (370g) - also squeezing in a spiral from the pastry bag. Spread the cream with a spoon.


Place the second biscuit on top. In the middle of the remaining berry puree in a spiral, and surrounded by the remaining white cream. Smooths out.


Place the third biscuit. Put the cling film on and put the biscuits in the fridge until the next morning.


In the morning - put several strips of white and purple cream on the film, wrap it like a sausage - mixing both creams (be careful not to let air in) and put this "sausage" in a pastry bag that already has a nozzle to squeeze out the decorations - roses on cakes.


Take the purple cream and cover the sides and surface of the cake with a pastry bag.


Smooth the sides and surface of the cake with a pastry spatula.


Decorate with roses (and Rafaello)


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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 2100

Servings 10

Amount Per Serving
Calories 268.5
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 2.81g5%
Total Carbohydrate 39.12g14%
Protein 19.9g40%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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