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Chocolate cake with cherries, boiled cream and caramelized walnuts

A new taste, and it's also the heaviest cake I've ever made - 6 kg! But that doesn't mean it's any less delicious!

Chocolate cake with cherries
Servings20 Servings
Ingredients for Sponge cake(diameter 26 cm)
 8 Eggs (460 g)
 600 g Flour (150 g rice flour + 60 g corn flour + 3 80 g whole wheat flour)
 530 g Water
 400 g Cream cheese Philadelphia light
 300 g Kefir (2%)
 270 g Chocolate without sugar
 150 g Culinary cottage cheese "Baltais"
 100 Erythritol (ground into powder)
 45 g Extra virgin olive oil
 45 g Cocoa
 20 g Baking powder
 10 g Soda
 A pinch of salt
Ingredients for the cream in the cake filling
 1000 g Fresh cheese "Ricotta Lago Maggiore" (6%)
 400 g Cream cheese Philadelphia light
 400 g Culinary cottage cheese "Baltais"
Ingredients for Cherry Jam
 700 g Cherries (frozen)
 90 g Water
 30 g Corn starch
Ingredients for custard
 2 Egg yolk
 400 g Milk (2%)
 30 g Corn starch
 Chopped walnuts (50 g) fried in maple syrup (12 g)
Ingredients for sponge cake soaking
 220 g Milk (2%)
 1 tsp. Instant coffee (7 g)
Ingredients for the white chocolate cream for the sides of the cake, the top, and decorative roses
 400 g Cream cheese Philadelphia light
 250 g Ricotta fresh cheese (6%)
 250 g Culinary cottage cheese "Baltais"
 100 g White chocolate
 Sweetener as needed
 I also added blackcurrant jam to the cream for color, but it is optional
Bake biscuits (products should be at room temperature)

Separate egg whites from egg yolks


Add olive oil, cream cheese, kefir, cooking curd, sweetener, erythritol,l water to egg yolks and whisk. Add melted chocolate.


Add the mixed and sifted dry ingredients. Mix well.


Beat the egg whites and gradually add to the mass.


Pour the dough into the molds and put it in the oven at a temperature of ~ 175 degrees and bake until ready (readiness is checked with a stick - sticking it into the dough, taking it out should be dry).


Cool the sponge cakes, wrap them in cling film, and put them in the fridge.

Prepare the cream for cake filling

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly (without using a blender!).

Prepare the cherry jam

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat while stirring until the mass "bubbles" and thickens. Set aside to cool.

For soaking sponge cakes

Boil water, add instant coffee and sweetener. Set aside to cool.

Prepare the cream for the sides of the cake

Products should be at room temperature! Mix Philadephia cream cheese with fresh Ricotta cheese and culinary curd "Baltais". Add melted white chocolate, vanilla, and, if necessary, sweetener.

Assemble the cake.

Cut both sponge cakes in half lengthwise so that you get 4 sponge rounds.


Put the first biscuit on the base. Thoroughly soak it with sweet coffee, put 1/2 cherry jam in the center, and apply white cream around it. Wrap the cake with an acetate plate and a metal pastry ring.


Put another biscuit on top. Soak it with coffee, put all the boiled cream in the middle, and white cream around it. Sprinkle caramelized walnuts on top.


Put the third biscuit on top, soak it with coffee, put the remaining jam in the middle, and white cream around it.


Put the fourth biscuit on top, soak it with coffee, and apply the remaining cream. Cover with cling film and put in the fridge overnight to let the biscuits soak.


In the morning: spread the sides and surface with white chocolate cream, and decorate to your liking.


Nutrition Facts

Finished product weight 6347

Servings 20

1 serving contains
Calories 458.6
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 23.17g36%
Total Carbohydrate 38.6g13%
Protein 22.82g46%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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