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What is DETOX?

Why all detox diets are equally "effective" and what to do to help the body get rid of heavy metals, toxins, preservatives, toxins, and what else there…

Detox is an abbreviation of the worddetoxification“That is, neutralizing the poison, cleansing the body of toxins. In medicine, detoxification procedures are practiced in intensive care for people with severe drug or alcohol poisoning. Nowadays, the idea of body cleansing has become a lucrative business - in the United States alone, sales of detoxification juices alone now reach around $ 3 billion - but no one wants to be "dirty from the inside" 😊.

I don't know how you do, but I definitely don't feel like a trash can that needs to be cleaned regularly, and who knows what "slag" looks like? 😊

The need for detoxification diets is justified by the fact that our childhood from childhood under the influence of malnutrition, stress and sedentary lifestyle produces toxins and toxins, which must be constantly neutralized and eliminated from the body and, if not done, damage the skin, intestines and other internal organs. organs, unpleasant body odor, apathy, sleep disturbances, skin rash, allergies, constipation, overweight, depression, deterioration of general well-being and all this leads to faster aging. That is, if there is no detox, you will feel bad and look even worse.

The idea that when the body is contaminated and symptoms appear, it is necessary to visit doctors more often, which ultimately leads to drug dependence and the constant use of large amounts of medication. To combat toxins, we are offered juice diets, spices, hydrocollonotherapy, massages and a sauna. All of these methods should neutralize the toxins that are supposed to be in our blood, cleanse the intestines and skin. After a week of detox treatment, colored juice treatments, fasting and intensive peeling procedures, people really lose a little weight and their skin color improves.


Slag, slag and natural detoxification

"Slag" and "slag" have nothing to do with medical science. If these cleansing programs were really effective in cleansing our bodies and freeing them from disease, they would become the most sought after curricula in medical universities. There are some short-term studies on 'body cleansing' with detoxification juices, soups and more - but they have been conducted with a small number of people and the reports are not based on medical observations but on participants' subjective statements about their well-being. somehow seriously.

So what's really going on? Countless have been done studies, which proves that our body copes very well with detoxification and everything unnecessary is eliminated through the intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin - our liver practiced detoxification long before it became a way of making money and still does. The neutralization of harmful substances (certain hormones, medicines, coffee, cosmetics, cigarette smoke, exhaust gases) in our body is continuous.

Nature has endowed the body with sufficiently strong systems of purification and self-regulation. For example, the intestinal microflora is able to produce natural antibacterial agents and regulate immune and allergic reactions. The liver, kidneys and lungs cleanse our body at the cellular and molecular level.

Special enzymes, assisted by vitamins and the amino acid glutathione, are responsible for detoxification. As a result of detoxification, drugs and other substances harmful to us become water-soluble and are excreted through the kidneys, or together with bile enter the intestines and are also eliminated.

Of course, with an unhealthy diet, poor environmental conditions, frequent stress, genetic disorders or a predisposition to certain diseases, the physiological purification system can suffer and become less effective. In such cases, treatment is needed - Detoxification is a complicated process - just because you "pour in toxins" juice, no matter how healthy it may seem, will not neutralize them.


Detoxification diets should not be followed

Detox diet should not be used in people with gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis, colitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis), rheumatological diseases, endocrine diseases (diabetes, etc.), urolithiasis, cardiovascular diseases. Not recommended for people preparing for surgery, conception, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Detoxification programs can have dangerous side effects - they can affect your blood sugar and cause electrolyte imbalance. Many detoxifying additives are laxatives and diuretics that can cause dehydration and weight loss.

Detox programs are not recognized by official medicine because there are many examples of detox diets ending in hospitalization and, in more severe cases, surgery.


So the detox doesn't work?

Yes and no. Weakness, unhealthy skin, etc. can have other causes, such as vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, allergies or intestinal problems. but not toxins.

A weekly detox diet can improve the situation because the enzymes that are 'responsible' for natural detoxification are more or less active. Green tea, beets, dark berries, various types of cabbage, greens and soy can activate this process by providing us with the substances necessary for the detoxification system to work.

But! Is it really worth spending large sums of money on 'consultations', 'procedures' and 'detox products' if you can do just that by following the basic principles of a healthy and balanced diet? Simply providing your body with the necessary nutrients, vitamins, enzymes - every day?


What can you do to help your body cleanse?

First of all, avoid Fast Food and semi-finished products, eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits - the fiber in them cleanses the intestines and thus helps the detoxification system to function.

Include foods in your diet that help the natural detoxification system work - beets, garlic, cabbage, berries, herbs, eggs…

Be physically active - it will help you lose weight, thus also promoting detoxification.

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