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Types of "fast" diets

Today, more information about the effects of different "fast" diets on our health is available than ever before - but many women are still looking for the easiest and fastest way to lose weight. Fast and effortless - it only happens in fairy tales. The reality, unfortunately, is quite different - diets do not always give the expected results. On the contrary, the result is short-lived or non-existent. I have already written about this topic several times, but it will always be relevant. Here are the 5 most popular types of diets that promise great results, which unfortunately are usually usually short-lived.

Monodetic. These are all diets where the majority of the menu consists of one product or one type / group of products (eg grapefruit diet, cheese diet, etc.). These diets work only in the first days, when we really lose weight, but after taking them for a long time, our beauty and health are also lost due to insufficient vitamins, minerals and other elements necessary for the body. In addition, when you stop this diet, the weight returns incredibly quickly and often with gains.

Body cleansing diets. These are all diets that promise to cleanse the body of toxins, all the pollution, normalize hormone levels and, of course, lose all the extra pounds (for example, a two-week diet of brown rice and green tea, etc.). Professional nutritionists around the world consider this type of diet to be absurd because they have absolutely no scientific basis. Which of us has seen what slag looks like? In addition, the body is cleansed of toxic substances by dedicated organs, such as the kidneys and liver. Yes, cleansing diets guarantee weight loss, but unfortunately it is also incredibly short-lived.

Unusual product diets. These are diets that involve some unusual products that seem to promise to achieve the desired result (for example, apple cider vinegar, various exotic products, etc.). Using apple cider vinegar before each meal seems to be the most popular miracle product, recommended for all those who want to lose weight, who are ready to believe in all the fairy tales and often spend significant sums of money (because vinegar is also packaged in various capsules, etc.). The coveted result, unfortunately, is missed again. Instead, you can only get a finished stomach from overactive vinegar, as well as the return of lost weight and, of course, a boost. The same goes for various exotic products, powders, etc., especially those whose origin and composition you have no idea.

Low calorie diets. These are all diets that essentially mean only one thing - fasting, because the emphasis is on extremely reduced calorie intake. In the case of these diets, the body's saving regime quickly starts - when you feel a constant feeling of hunger, the body slows down its metabolism and begins to save the small amount of calories you provide. The result is a poor metabolism, hormonal disorders and, of course, a quick return of lost pounds. Don't believe diets that promise to lose 3 to 6 pounds a week!

Too good to have a true diet. These are all diets that are usually advertised as an incentive to get their followers involved, of course for a fee. They are constantly being renamed in search of 'new victims' and are being promoted as 'the new super diet', 'a diet based on the latest scientific advances', 'a diet no one knows about yet', and so on. In most cases, it's all an advertising gimmick that you better not stick to, because none of these diets will give you the expected benefits, they will only significantly empty your wallet, damage your nervous system and, in the worst case scenario, will have a negative effect on your health. Particular care should be taken with medicines that are traded online for a lot of money and are illegal. They promise quick and easy weight loss, but are actually harmful to our health (and therefore illegal).

Digitization of some popular diets.

I was curious to look at and read what's in these super diets? The results shocked me! I recommend that you weigh everything and think very carefully before approaching any of them! Because health is one for us.

To better understand what is what, here are the minimum and maximum grams of nutrients a woman should take on a daily basis. A woman weighing 65kg should take on average:

  • Protein: 0.7 - 1.8 g (up to 2 g) per 1 kg of own weight. So a total of 46 -130g (the more active the physical activity, the more protein you need to consume).
  • Carbohydrates: 2 - 4g per kg of own weight. So a total of 130-260g.
  • Fat: 0.6 - 1gr per kg of own weight. So a total of 39 - 65g.

And remember that ~ 1200 kcal is the minimum amount of kcal for a woman to ensure the healthy functioning of her body!

Here are some popular diets in numbers.

Buckwheat diet

Allowed per day: 250g buckwheat (dry form) + 1 liter of skimmed milk kefir.

The day includes:

  • OB = 62g
  • OH = 195g
  • T = 9g
  • Kcal = 1140

9g of fat per day ?! Seriously?

One of the most popular diets lately. I don't even know why it has such a name? Did it originate in Stockholm? The customer was a 51-year-old young woman, height: 170cm, weight: 65kg.

On average per day:

  • OB = 72g
  • OH = 85g
  • T = 15g
  • Kcal = 784

Well, what to say… It will be gently said if I say how unhealthy those numbers are…

Egg diet for 7 days

On average per day:

  • OB = 77g
  • OH = 52g
  • T = 49g
  • Kcal = 947

For a woman who weighs 45kg could be ok? I would not recommend to others.

One of the variations of the orange diet

Allowed per day: in the 1st week - 1 kg of orange, 2 boiled eggs, 2 liters of water. In the 2nd week - 1kg of orange, 2l of water. If it is difficult to bear (for which I am not at all surprised) you can eat buckwheat im add 200g dry. In the 3rd week - 1kg of orange, 2l of water. You can add fruits, vegetables, add 500g vegetables and fruits.

Average daily for the following 3 weeks:

  • OB = 39 gr
  • OH = 170 gr
  • T = 17 gr
  • Kcal = 988

Probably without comments…

It is obvious how unbalanced, absurd and in fact harmful such diets are. Especially if they are longer than 5 days. In addition to the ones mentioned here, of course, there are infinitely many other diets that have found their "master" for a short time.

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