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Me and fitness

About willpower and sport as a way of life.

I have been doing sports and fitness for a long time - more than 35 years.

Fitness has been my great passion for over 35 years now and has become an integral part of my life.

When I started, it was not at all "on trend", not "fashionable" and not popular. Especially for girls, it was rude to lift dumbbells - because that way you could become a man... But it did 't work out for me - 😊 .

There was also no information about what and how to do to achieve better results at that time. There was no internet and I eagerly searched for any information, articles on training methods and nutrition.

I have also tried almost everything on myself.

Today we see how sports club networks grow and develop, how club managers and also their visitors are constantly looking for new ways of training, new equipment, how to train "in a new way" by inventing new names of training classes and new training methods.

This is quite understandable, because simple, "naked" weights seem rather monotonous to beginners. Attracting new clients, especially women, requires something new.

Something more attractive. Let it be fun, beautiful, sexy ... In tops and T-shirts, wet with sweat, shouting and dancing ...

With promises that after a couple of such trainings/lessons, your body will get a "wasp waist", all your fat will burn forever, your legs will become many times slimmer and cellulite will disappear for no return.

All this is said to be so effective that it replaces several hours of sweat and pain in the usual "outdated" training with dumbbells and barbells. And also cardio training….

I am definitely FOR innovation, scientific approach and application of new knowledge. But... the constant search for something new, super-duper effective often prevents people from making regular exercise a healthy habit - a permanent part of their lives. And it's sad.

Because there is always something new, something "more effective", something that "in just a few weeks" will miraculously burn all the fat deposits - you will become sexy, desirable... You won't be able to fend off the evidence of attention... Your life will completely change...

Unfortunately, miracles do not happen.

The truth is known by those who slowly, patiently, and gradually develop their bodies and achieve the excellent physical shape.

The truth is simple - results-oriented training will always be a challenge, it will always be a battle with yourself. These workouts will never be easy.

They have to be really hard because if you want to progress if you want to get results if you want to shape your body and improve yourself - you have to get out of your comfort zone and work your muscles with more and more load.

And precisely because this progress is not easy, you begin to appreciate your work in the gym. Especially when you see and feel the results of your work.

I'm not trying to motivate you. These are self-evident and obvious facts:

  • You are doing something in order to… (I'm not just talking about improving your body);
  • You see that your efforts have a result. A result that satisfies you;
  • And only then will you be able to motivate yourself to devote time and effort to further improve or maintain what you have achieved.


You don't have to love workouts. It will come with time. And every year you will have more and more energy and motivation for them. Believe me, it will be so!

You don't need to love workouts — you just need to learn to concentrate, endure and appreciate them.

Sometimes, during a particularly hard workout, I think - well, why the hell do I need all this? Who invented these irons and who needs them at all? It's so difficult!

But believe me, it's just a moment - a compensation mechanism for your efforts and, yes, physical pain as well.

At any other stage of my life, to the question - what am I proud of, what achievements am I happy about?

I would answer that I am proud that I have not given up sports for all these many years and that regular training has become my way of life.

Along with my daily life, family and friends.

Fitness, nutrition consultations, and making menus for weight loss (or weight gain) have become my life's work, and I hope for the rest of my conscious life. Because it's really satisfying for me.

They have made a great contribution both to the development of my personality and to the development of my health. They hardened me and made me stronger not only physically...

I really hope that you will also be able to understand and appreciate the great importance of sport in your life.

With love Ineta.

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