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How to maintain weight and slimness

Many of us have lost weight, lost some pounds, and then how to maintain weight and slimness?

The worst thing about all weight loss methodologies and programs is the big setback. I often watch reads and wonder, how? Well, how can it? How can you promise to lose 5kg in 10 days or even lose 1kg a day? And what about how to maintain weight after dieting?


How fast can you lose weight?

  • Do not eat anything. The simplest way is to cut calories to a minimum (to 700 -900 Kcal / day), the body is in shock - the weight is lost because the body loses no fat, but water, intestinal contents and then muscles. However, the scales make us happy - is minus 10kg.
  • Increase your sports activities so much that your calorie intake is equivalent to the "eat nothing" method. That is, your calorie intake is so high that it does not even cover your body's basic needs. The body loses water, intestinal contents and muscles again. But the scales show minus 10kg.

Weight loss as a result of such fasting will of course be obvious, but 99.9% will not be able to maintain weight and the weight lost will return, and various health problems may accompany it.  Fasting diets always ends in the same way - with "breaking" (overeating). First of all, because it is impossible to "sit down" on a 700-900 calorie diet (even 1000-1200kcal) quickly and forever. Secondly, along with the lost nutrients and minerals, the girl will definitely and inevitably develop depression.

Do you really believe that the water and intestinal contents lost at the end of a fasting diet will not be restored? Or do you really think that you will still be able to follow a 50-60% calorie deficient diet for a long time? Seriously?

It is not enough to lose weight to maintain weight. To prevent weight loss, you need to reduce your fat mass, not dehydrate your body. And then it is necessary to save the obtained result. This is the most difficult. But the good news is, it's possible.


How do our genetics and body type affect how we look?

Now the most interesting thing - each of us has the basic organs of the body. That is, if we talk about classification, then body types are divided: ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. Or simpler, the height is apple, the height is pear and the height is hourglass. And for each of us, however, its genetic inheritance is on one of these body types.

However, it is too early to blame the whole genetics. In childhood, all our habits, including eating, are shaped by our parents, friends, society. If you were previously served a carrot and nut in the family for dessert, instead of a cake or ice cream, then your body may never take the shape of an apple, but thanks to your healthy habits, you will be slim and beautiful.

In this way, over time, your body will develop a mixed body type - genetics + your habits over the years. If you have lived with 30% of fat for 30 years, but then quickly dropped excess kg and reduced the amount of fat to 20%, then it is understandable that this is an unusual condition for your body. As soon as you give up your healthy eating habits or regular workouts, your body will quickly return to its basic basics. It's just like a car with no steering wheel adjustment. As long as we keep our hands on the steering wheel and steer - the car drives straight, as soon as we release the steering wheel, the car drives off the road.


Can you maintain weight by changing the basic structures of your body?

If it's possible. To do this you need your new weight to hold for 15-18 months. During this time, your body will no longer consider the new fat % to be life-threatening. In other words, you give your body new foundations.

According to statistics, more than 80% people who have lost weight have not been able to maintain this weight and are returning to their previous weight, or even worse, gaining weight even more. Remember - the slower you lose weight and the more you change your body, the better for your body.

Finally, when choosing a diet, read the reviews. And preferably not just their own website -😊 And remember - miracles do not happen - either there is no miracle, super, etc., diet tea or pills. Apple cider vinegar, linseed, pineapple, grapefruit and anything else there will not help reduce your body fat % - there is no product that helps burn fat.

If you want a long-lasting, lasting result - choose a diet that you can follow for the rest of your life.


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