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Salt cake "Trout"

I have had quite a lot of sweets and sweet cakes - let's make some salty cake.

Salty cake Trout
Servings6 Servings
Ingredients for 2 biscuits
 4 Eggs
 200 g Kefir
 200 g Skimmed milk curd (not in sachets)
 100 g Flour (I use corn flour)
 60 g Džiuga cheese (or any other cheese)
 4 g Soda
 Salt, pepper, spices of your choice
Ingredients for the filling cream in the middle
 280 g Lightly salted trout
 250 g Fresh cheese Ricotta Lago Maggiore (6 %)
 200 g Cream cheese Philadelphia light
 90 g Red caviar (I use artificial Santa Bremor for economic reasons)
 Dried garlic granules, salt, pepper
Ingredients for the white cream around and on top of the cake
 250 g Cream cheese “Baltais”
 200 g Cream cheese Philadelphia light (11%)
Ingredients for decor and green "cream" roses
 100 g Chopped greens (dill or spinach) add 150 g of white cream and blend, creating a green cream decoarm
 Chopped dill (around the sides)
 Lightly salted trout
Cooking sponge cake

Kefir is slightly heated and added to the penalty - so that it "works".


Blend the eggs with cottage cheese into a homogeneous mass. Add the kefir and stir in the flour.


Add grated cheese, salt, spices and divide the dough into two equal parts and bake at 175 degrees for ~ 25-30 minutes (see your stove) for 2 biscuits.


At the beginning, I mixed the dough from half of the ingredients for one biscuit - I baked one first, then I mixed the dough for the other biscuits and baked the other. Cool and cut each in half.

Finished filling cream

Blend ricotta, Philadelphia and 120 g of lightly salted trout, adding salt and spices in a homogeneous cream - if necessary.

Preparation of the cake

Place the first biscuit on the base of the cake and put ~ 130 g of filling cream (1/4 of all the filling cream). On top of the cream put ~ 52 g of finely chopped trout and 30 g of red caviar. Press in the cream (I also put a metal pastry ring and acetate tape around it, but I can also do it, because the cream is quite "stable" and will not flow anywhere.)


Place the second biscuit on top, press and repeat the previous steps. Do the same with the second and third biscuits. Spread the remaining cream on the fourth biscuit. Put in the refrigerator overnight. Covering with cling film.

Finish the white cream on the sides and surface of the cake

Blend cream cheese "White" and "Philadelphia light". 150 g of whipped cream is left over, add either the same chopped dill or spinach and blend - to create a 'green' cream for the decor.


Spread the sides and surface of the cake with white cream.


Wrap the sides with chopped dill and decorate the cake to your liking: trout roses, sliced olives, sesame seeds and green cream roses.

Salty cake Trout


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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1404

Servings 6

Amount Per Serving
Calories 410.33
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 23.33g36%
Total Carbohydrate 17.5g6%
Protein 30.08g61%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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