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Want to drop the excess, or do you just want to talk about it?

We always do what's really important to us if we don't - so something else is more important…

I have often been told by people that they want to start eating healthier, cooking healthier. But when I start telling from the heart what to choose in the store, how to cook, or to look at my blog, where there are recipes for all tastes, I answer - yes, but it is so complicated and it takes so long to prepare, and I don't like to cook at all, I don't know, etc.

My clients and friends know that I am indeed a very patient and tolerant person, but sometimes I can flare up too, and in such cases I can really stay angry. I say: You wanted to get an education - you went and studied for n years, you wanted to get a driver's license - you went to study, you drove, you wanted to learn English - you went and studied, didn't you? But it all takes time. If you really want to achieve something - then you go and do it.

Also, learning to eat healthy is a must. Drop the weight and keep it - YOU MUST LEARN. If you don't want to, stick to your reservations…, but don't tell me that nothing happens to you. You just don't want to!

No diet plan, however perfect, will be healthy if you perceive it as a "diet" that will someday end. If you want to be healthy and without the extra kg that bothers you - then healthy eating habits should become a way of life.

What is more important to you - Slimming down, do you still feel good? Compare your feelings at different times in your life. How do you feel when you eat healthy? How do you feel about a good sport? And how do you feel when you "break down"? And evaluate - what exactly do you want more? As long as we just want to weigh less, food will always be a burden.

It is not right to exercise to allow yourself to eat - and to punish yourself for what you eat. Unless it's a sport. Sport does not have to be the way to eat. A person can eat and lose weight without going to exercise.


Logging on to me slimming challenges girls usually write that they want to lose weight so that it is SUSTAINABLE and the weight lost is NOT RETURN… Well, of course, it is a completely logical wish. And I think everyone has that. Because, some of them have already tried all possible "diets", "marathons", but as life shows - all the lost weight returns quickly…. And, logically, everyone wants a "diet" so that the weight does not return.

But you know? There is no such thing as a "diet" - whatever someone promises you. And there are no tablets, no tea… Because in reality the basics are based on simple math. And whether the weight will return will depend entirely on you! I will show you how to regulate your weight with foods, how to eat them and how to eat them. In these 4 weeks of the Challenge, make sure of it “on your own skin” - is it possible to show it even more clearly / convincingly? The rest will be in your hands - if that doesn't work - ask. Simple. Than complicated.

You have to remember that being overweight comes from eating excess calories. And not from any particular food - not even from sweets or flour products, bread and other flour products, etc. Or from the fact that you ate late at night (I'm talking about the myth that you shouldn't eat after 18…) I've been eating the last meal around 22 in the evening for many years - I don't know of any product that would increase calories after 18:00.

I want you to understand the basics. That each of us is very different and individual - each has its own basic metabolism (this is the amount of kcal that the body consumes itself, without our extra effort) so that we can breathe, walk, move. And it's different for everyone. As I have written several times, the more weight you get in the beginning, the more calories your body deserves when you lose weight. Larger girls over 174 and around 90 and 100 kg can lose weight even with a 1800 calorie menu. Sounds incredible, doesn't it? Small cherries around 155-160 cm deserve only around 1200-1300 kcal. Therefore, by no means one diet is suitable for everyone. And please do not take part in challenges where everyone is offered the same menu / diet (usually 1200-1300 kcal).

For example, my basic metabolism is ~ 1600 kcal. It can be easily calculated - 1 kg of your weight per hour consumes about 1 kcal.

So my 65 kg x 24 kcal = 1560. Well, plus - minus. (Garmin counts 1600 kcal for me, which makes sense because I have a little more muscle mass than the statistical average. Yes - remember - the more muscle mass a person has, the faster his metabolism. we often tell ourselves and others, but precisely because doing nothing (not doing sports) over the years, people lose muscle mass and, consequently, their metabolism slows down).

That is, if I lie on the couch, sitting in a chair, go to work (without exercising extra), then eating 1600 kcal, my weight will stand still. But if I eat, say, 2000 kcal every day, it will definitely lead to the appearance of excess kg. Because my body doesn't need that much and eating 400 kcal every day will settle in my hips. The second option, if you want to eat more - exercise. One good workout will consume 300-500 kcal.

I am 53 years old, 175 cm and 65 kg today. I myself have never followed any diet in my life and I have never been overweight. But, not because I have good genes. But I've known since I was 18 that I want to be "slim and sporty." That's how I feel best. I have also been playing sports all my conscientious life since 1st grade and now share my experience here - on my Blog and the challenges of slimming.

I help you lose extra pounds by calculating how many calories you need to consume per day to lose weight and compiling appropriate menus. But, don't just drop it - the menus are designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible, not to want to eat all the time, and your body gets all the nutrients it needs.

After reaching the goal weight, your goal is to keep up, right? In this case, we / you will need to recalculate how many kcal you need to gain to SAVE your new weight. Usually they are some 200-400 kcal more than you were losing weight. Everything. Everything else is in your own hands. If you return to your old eating habits after losing weight, then, of course, the weight will start to increase and will return over time. Because believe me - there are no miracle diets, pills, procedures after which the weight will not return when you stop taking it again. If you eat more than your body needs to maintain its current weight - your weight will increase. It doesn't matter if you eat before or after 6pm, or how much apple cider vinegar or some other miracle cure you drink.

The math is simple - if you want to lose weight you have to eat less than you spend, if you want to keep it - don't eat more than our body spends.


Therefore, my best advice - start gradually, change your products every day, change your habits, drink water, move…

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