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Number cake with salted caramel and chocolate

My dear mother has just celebrated a big anniversary. This time I deviated from my principles of nutrition because most of the guests did not count kcal. The cake is divinely delicious and "nutritious".

Number cake with salted caramel and chocolate
Servings20 Servings
Ingredients for the dough (for 6 Digits ~ 21 x 26 cm)
 4 Eggs
 280 g Sugar
 175 g Butter
 140 g Honey
 3 A pinch of fine salt
 2 tsp. Soda
Ingredients for Cream
 1000 g Cream Cheese Mascarpone “Formagia”
 480 g Cream cheese "Smiltenes"
 200 g Sweet cream 35%
 100 g Powdered sugar
 16 g Vanilla sugar
 Recipe here: Fill the cooled caramel into a small pastry bag and cut off the tip of the bag.
Glaze/dark chocolate sauce
 Heat the milk and put the chocolate in it, melt while stirring. Let cool and put in a small pastry bag.
For decoration
 Different berries
 Toffee caramels
Preparation of numbers

Mix sugar, honey, egg, and salt in a saucepan, put it on the fire, and heat it slowly until the sugar melts.


Add the butter and wait until it melts. As soon as the mixture boils, remove it from the heat and add soda. The mass becomes lush, but gradually loses its splendor as it cools down.


When the mass has cooled to room temperature, pour most of the sifted flour into it. Put the remaining flour on the table, put the dough on top, and knead the flour into the dough. The dough turns out to be soft and quite sticky. Wrap the dough in a film and put it in the refrigerator for at least a few hours (preferably overnight). The dough will become more elastic, and it will be easier to roll out.


The dough is rolled out on baking paper to a thickness of 3-4 mm, the number template cut out of the paper is placed on top and the number is cut out of the dough with a knife. To be safe, before applying the template to the dough, it can be lightly sprinkled with flour to prevent the paper from sticking.


Remove the excess dough, add to the remaining dough, roll out and cut out the next digit. Repeat until all the numbers are cut out.


Prick the numbers with a fork so that the dough does not swell during baking, and transfer it to a baking sheet covered with baking paper, bake one after the other for about 5-6 minutes.

I had 190 g of dough left over, from which I baked cookies - decorations for the cake.

Preparation of the cream

Put cream cheese, sweet cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla sugar in a bowl. Whisk all ingredients together.

Assemble the cake

Put the cream in a pastry bag with a smooth or robotic nozzle and squeeze out the cream balls one by one onto one of the baked and cooled numbers. Fill the gaps between the balls with caramel-chocolate glaze.


Put the following figure on top and cover it with cream balls in the same way, placing caramel and chocolate glaze between them. Repeat the same with the third digit, but cover it only with cream balls.


Repeat the same with the other three numbers.


Decorate according to taste, possibilities, and sensations with berries, fruits, and other treats.

Number cake with salted caramel and chocolate


Nutrition Facts

Finished product weight 4000

Servings 20

1 serving contains
Calories 643.15
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 40.15g62%
Total Carbohydrate 56.62g19%
Protein 10.1g21%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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