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About fear - what helps and what prevents you from losing weight

Today we will talk about fears that prevent you from losing weight. For myself, they have prevented me from living and progressing for quite some time. I trained because "I am afraid of getting fat". I don't eat because "I'm afraid I'll eat too much"…. I am afraid that, if so, progress will stop and I will not achieve the result ”?” Known?

I have lived with this attitude for a long time - I trained, ate by grams, read such contradictory information on the Internet for years and was afraid of all the food I liked. From eating too much, not being able to eat in time, to skipping a workout - All on the list.

If something didn't go according to plan, I almost panicked. I can't listen to my body and I don't understand its real needs.

The result? That, of course, was missed. Some incomprehensible depression is learning. That was a big mistake.

My conclusions from these 30 years of doing what is now called fitness: we need to realize that we must first enjoy the process of change itself, not the outcome. We can already see the result relatively quickly, but if the whole process is not pleasant and enjoyable, we will soon "burn out" and the result will disappear. Since I took professional sports seriously, I have gone and tried a lot, a lot. Both by training to powerlessness and by eating (starvation). It was awful. Really awful.

I have been in fitness since I was 18 years old and I have been involved in this sport all my life, which allows me to shape my body as I see fit, and there is no age limit. The experience of my experience is huge. I chose this path and this lifestyle myself. I chose forever. Because I will not live in eternal fear of breaking this regime of mine! I choose comfort as a priority. Both physiological and psychological. I trained - always with "kaifu". I really like those fantastic feelings after a workout. I like to develop my body, find out its abilities, endurance limits and see progress. I like to see my body change from year to year. And if, one day, I'm not in the mood, I don't have the energy to train, I'm not running with my forehead in the wall - I'm taking a vacation. And on the second day I can train with double return. And there's no longer the fear that I'm doing something wrong - and that's the main thing I've got.

The same is true with eating. I will stick to the basic principles of my healthy menu, but I will not go into details. Speaking in Latvian: I don't cut my hair. If I wanted something very much - I ate and did not restrain myself about it: what will happen now? Listen to your body - it will tell you what it needs. And it will never hurt itself. The main thing is not to go against your will. And know the mayor.

Yes, I know, many will ask now - so that means, if I want those bad sweets, I can, if…? Maybe I'll surprise you - yes, you can. But believe me, if you really have a desire for change in your body, in time its craving for sweets will pass. You really like milk chocolate - but in time you will realize that it is not what will help you achieve the goal, but on the contrary - after heavy training - eating it, it will throw you back (but you do not want it?) And instead you end At the end, choose a protein-rich drink or meal.

In conclusion, I want to tell you all - love yourself, do not hurt yourself, observe moderation, balance and the result will not be missed. Eternal, cyclical, various popular fast diet compliance will not lead to anything good - believe me, you don't need it. You need to change the files a bit, and you will see that you can do it all! And it's not that hard!

Good luck to you throughout!

With love Ineta

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