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9 main mistakes in slimming

A lot of us have lost weight at least once in our lives, at least we have tried to lose weight. Who has succeeded, many do not - what are the main mistakes in weight loss and why does the lost weight return?

So what are the main mistakes in slimming? I will mention only the most common mistakes that are usually made when slimming and choosing a diet. Please think, these are not empty words!


1. The main and most common mistake in weight loss - the desire for a quick result

Lean on a specific date and in a short time. Rapid weight loss slows down and traumatizes the metabolism. Rapid weight loss is basically a guarantee that the weight will return, and there is a great chance to "break down". The most horrible thing is that when you choose a "fast" diet, you mostly lose not fat, but water and intestinal contents, which, of course, starts to return to normal, of course, returns. Read more about "fast" diets HERE.⠀⠀⠀


2. Product selection is based on "dietary", "fitness", "bio", "protein", etc.

It's all an advertising gimmick. Marketing. Such products, like others, can and very often contain a lot of sugar and other not the best additives. All of this has little to do with a healthy and balanced diet


3. Use of various slimming tablets, teas, etc.

And again we are talking about marketing. If there were really any miracle pills that could reduce your fat layer without doing anything - there would be no overweight people in the world. The use of tablets, tea cider vinegar and other similar products can cause damage to the liver and other organs.


4. Drink little water

The recommended daily dose of water for a healthy person is up to 2-2.5 liters (or 30 ml per 1 kg of mass). Read more about drinking water here.⠀


5. Skip main meals and irregular meals

Many of you still skip either breakfast or lunch or refuse dinner. All this is replaced by snacks, often picking up even more Kcal than would be ingested with regular meals. Skipping meals will not help you become slimmer - you will only damage your health. The secret to weight loss is not to consume less food, but to choose the right products and prepare them. In my challenges, girls often complain that they can't even eat everything they eat - but they lose weight, lose weight and don't lose weight.

6. Lack of physical activity

Without sports, of course, you also lose weight - but it happens more slowly, and a slimming body, which at the same time has received physical activity, looks much, much better than someone who has not seen sports. Even simple walks will only benefit you. Read about the beneficial effects of training here.


7. Dropping to extremes by giving up certain nutrients such as fats or carbohydrates

Stop taking in fat, giving up carbohydrates or protein, taking days off (with the exception of if necessary for health reasons) - all this is unnecessary and even harmful to your body. On the contrary, the body needs proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals - and in the appropriate proportions - if any of them are missing, nothing happens. For example, if you take in too little fat, you will start to lack fat-soluble vitamins and minerals - as a result, nails and hair will start to crack and break, skin color will change, you will get tired faster…

Depending on the days of relief - you will only lose fluid, which you will double in the next few days. And in the next times of such relaxation, the body will "remember" that it has been starving and will start to build up reserves - on the abdomen, hips, thighs… 


8. Too much fruit and fruit juice

As if healthy, but remember that it's all in moderation too! Fruits and especially fruit juices are high in fructose, which the body converts into sugar and puts on your hips and abdomen already in the form of fat. This is especially relevant for those who cook little at home, because with semi-finished products and fast food they consume a lot too many extra calories without realizing it.


9. Look only at the numbers shown on the scales

You want to lose fat, don't you? Therefore, it is more important to look at how much weight changes than volumes / girths. Especially if you start training - fat mass decreases, but muscle mass increases - and you lose weight. The scales might show more progress, but it's nice that you already fit dresses and jeans that you didn't expect to sneak into anymore. Why is this happening? 1 kg of fat takes up twice as much space as muscle. Similarly, weight loss can be affected by the characteristics of your body, as well as previous diets or various health problems.


In conclusion, I would like to remind you of an old old saying - what comes slowly is good, and wish you all who have started, or just want to start weight loss - endurance and patience!

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