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Diana's success story

Diana's success story -12.5 kg

The girl in both pictures is me - Diana. One Diana in January 2020 and another today. What happened to me?
Everything is simple - I started eating, eating right.

I have eaten all my adult life casually, knowing clearly and understanding that it is not right, but do you know how to do it - work, home, everyday race, when to eat? In the evening after work and then that portion is so cordial. That's how I lived until one nice day, pulling on my favorite leggings and seeing them tear at my thighs, I realized I had to do something for the good.

I had been preparing some Ineta recipes for some time, but without such a common understanding of eating, I just made and ate them. I realized that I needed to approach this issue more thoroughly, and in the very beginning of January 2020 I applied for the Ineta project - a one-month menu prepared just for you with your own goal - either to lose weight fast or gradually. It seemed to me that I only lost about 3 kg, so I chose the option gradually, for safety. Besides, my goal was not to lose weight, but to finally start eating right. In the first month, eating thoroughly (5x a day) dropped 3 kg from me.

This first month opened my eyes to eating in general, I gradually began to understand how it all works and I decided - I want to continue eating right.
When do you ask me when you will lose weight once? I'm confused and I don't know what to answer, because I didn't lose weight, that wasn't my goal. My goal was to finally sort out my and my family's eating habits so that everything superfluous just falls out. So- I eat, and I eat a lot more than before, but the weight is declining, isn't it cool?

What did I have to change? My eating habits and yes, it requires some self-discipline. Eating 1x a day is easier than 5x, but completely wrong. I had to get used to eating now, I had to get used to taking water, because I didn't drink the usual reservations on a daily basis: I don't like it, it's done, I don't ask. I had to change the products we were used to using in my family on a daily basis.
BUT I lost time while losing weight. Yes, time! Because you spend less time in the kitchen planning meals ahead and preparing preparations. And we in the family are clearly spending less money on food than before. Time, money and lost pounds - I think great benefits.

During the year I lost 13 kg. Completely NO SPORTS, just sorting out the issue of eating. The year was over and something was roaring inside. I, who said before- Exercise? No, I don't have time for that !, I told myself now - I want my body to be stronger and stronger. I started exercising at home for 15-20 minutes every morning. As a result, I am where I am today and I have to say how I am - I finally feel very good in my skin!

My decision to get Ineta's help with eating habits is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Because by arranging food, change is inevitable. And how are you- ready / ready for change?

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The new slimming challenge starts on 3 June, after

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