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Rita's success story

Rita's story

With the nicest greetings…😉

Well, from the beginning, a little about myself and how I have come so far😂

Yo-huuu 💃I just celebrated 50 years... earlier when I was 25 I was afraid to think about such numbers, but when those numbers are reached it turns out that a person can feel even better than when he was young.😊

Of course, that path and years have not been so rosy - it turned out that I changed my occupation from working in a beauty salon very drastically and went to work for the police 😊 where I also worked for quite a long time and also met my other half 😊 (now my husband). At one event each of us sat at different tables and in each corner of the room - and he asked me to throw him a tangerine😂 of course without thinking much - I threw it away🙈 and it turned out to be a fatal tangerine😇 and we have been happily together for more than 20 years.

Since my husband's daily life was related to sports and physical exertion, I got in reality what I had dreamed of for years, I was able to start doing what I really like, and so I regularly visited the gym from the age of 26 (of course with intervals when children were born 🤗) Along with the lessons in the hall, of course, I began to realize more and more how important food is. As with any beginner, many different things were tried, such as split diets or minimal OH diets.

But over the years, the belief that some special specific diets do not help 🤨 on the contrary, can cause harm, only strengthened.

In my case, after following a split diet for about a year, I started to notice that there were unwanted changes that had long-term consequences. time is like a roller coaster😂 The biggest changes in my body happened when health problems appeared, which prevented me from regularly visiting the gym and doing everything as I used to 🤨After a rather big break of more than 2 years without regular exercise, but I continued to replace it with simple walking 1h-2h a day. And so I continue to walk both on the street and to the doctors😂

And you know, no matter how painful, difficult, hard it has been for me... I have always thought, visualized, believed in myself... and this also motivated me - because when I was young I even made a collage of what I want to be 🤗 which I have even saved😂 and I knew what will I look like in my 50s.

As with any problem, I also found some kind of solution and I realized that I needed someone knowledgeable about nutrition to help me, because I had already begun to unconsciously eliminate the pain that was bothering me with food🤨

I knew about Ineta for a long time and I was a regular guest on her website, but I had never tried any recipe😊but I followed her progress in competitions and always thought that getting her advice would be worth its weight in gold💎... and only now I realized that it would have been better to contact Ineta already many years ago, thus avoiding the fun roller coaster😂

  1. in February I got together and wrote an email asking that I want to meet for a consultation, but unfortunately I didn't make this appointment😒...but I was very focused😂 and in May 2021 I wrote an email again asking that I am ready to do anything she will say🤗 I had a feeling that I would do everything that Ineta would write to me, I already fully trusted her inside😘

Many already know: what Ineta does and how it can help, I just want to say this - and it's very simple: do what Ineta says and don't think WHY, DO YOU NEED IT, IS IT RIGHT, OR DOES IT REALLY WORK.

And my example is just one of many💪💃

I started my adventure also in the slimming group for a month a year ago.

  1. in June of 2022, the weight was 62.3 kg and currently in June 2022, it is 51.6 kg💪

But weight is not the main thing for me, the main thing is how I like myself🤗

When I got the menu, I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to eat it all😳because I had practically eliminated OH from my menu everyday. But Ineta said: I will have to eat😂….the whole family wondered how I could eat so much, such large portions, etc.😂 (and I still continue to eat)

In my case, my character, discipline and persistence made me reach my goal. And despite the fact that my hobby is baking cakes, I had no problem abstaining from sweets and all kinds of temptations. And at the same time, I spoiled my loved ones with delicious cakes without depriving them of their joy. But now there is such a fantastic opportunity to try so many different Ineta cake recipes with such interesting combinations of flavors and you can eat the cakes every day 😉🤗

My observations and recommendations are if you eat enough OH (good cereals) every day, then you won't need snacks or sweets😊

At the moment, I choose my menu intuitively, I cook fresh food every day... and I don't deny myself restaurants and celebrations🥳simply everything in moderation and with pleasure and I like to challenge myself to new goals and opportunities.

I still continue to participate in the group chat, because it is so nice and sweet to motivate someone now and then, get an idea or look at the girls' daily life and exchange advice. And it's a fantastic opportunity to use Ineta's advice. I always try to take advantage of the opportunities that appear in my life and I would also advise anyone to use them, because unlike the flowers in the meadow, we can choose where, how, with whom, and next to whom to bloom. I choose to bloom next to a professional, very knowledgeable, purposeful, warm, charming woman whom I completely trust💯



Now that I am already 50 years old, I can truly say from the bottom of my heart: I feel great and I am happy with my body. And looking back, I can only say that any problems are temporary, you just need to believe in yourself and do it.

I spend a lot of time on myself - because it is very important to me how I feel, both emotionally and physically, because my occupation is, as I say: for women, a holiday for the soul😊 it's a vacation for the body and mind🤗

It is always important to me how I and the people around me feel, so I spoil both myself and them with delicious food, because it makes me happy and gives me energy.

So believe in yourself, love yourself, dance, praise yourself, enjoy every day and smile a lot😊


Certainly the majority of 95% women who follow a diet with the idea of losing weight - think all the time only about weight, about food and how to lose 10 kg, etc... But as I think and understand it will be the smallest benefit lost weight, but in reality this benefit is much greater than simply kg and weight. And I think many of you have already felt it to some extent.

Because look what happens: as an example:

The woman had a lot of excess weight, which caused her enough various inconveniences, both psychological and physical. At the moment when you reach your desired ideal weight, some extra kg will not have just disappeared 🤨-

- You will certainly feel better, not only physically, but psychologically - and this is just the beginning....because relations in the family, or relations with the other half, can improve.

- You will definitely be happier, more interesting, more powerful.

- Your self-confidence will definitely increase, you will believe in yourself more, which will bring many new events, acquaintances and friends.

-For someone, maybe a new business or occupation, etc....and all this is only in your hands.

It is in what colors you want to see your everyday life. I hope you have already realized that this can be continued indefinitely ….

If you can see this great picture that can await you in the near future - there will be no problem EAT WHAT YOU NEED, HOW MUCH YOU NEED AND WHEN YOU NEED 💪

Love that you are a woman who deserves the best. Love your body, your nature, your inner being. Because no one else but you is responsible for yourself.


We always have choices: as an example:

- shall we eat chips or healthy cakes

-or sleep on the sofa or go for a walk

- what kind of people will we spend time with?

- what to believe and what thoughts to focus on... and if there is chaos in your head, then that is your choice 🤨

Therefore, I would advise everyone to answer honestly before they decide to lose weight (and here I really like Ineta's saying) "Do you want to lose the extra weight or do you just want to talk about it"👍

I would advise you not to cycle only on lost kg, food is all just a means. Regarding food, just trust Ineta, think more about how your everyday life will change, you yourself will reach your set goal.

I can mention a few examples of my own. I've been following women of all ages with great bodies for years. And all these years it has been like a drive for me, a motivation to follow healthy food, a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Because I had thought that I would be the same in 50 years 😉 And, as you can imagine, if I had only thought about how to lose 10 kg, I would hardly have achieved anything. 🤷‍♀️

In short: you have Ineta, which will tell you what, when and what you should eat and do based on your goals. You can not think about this further, just DO it💪

Your task is to think and dream about how your life can change when you achieve the result you want.💯


Every morning we have the opportunity to become better, different, sportier and happier.

An opportunity for change.

Yesterday is the past, leave it there.


I wish you that the mirror you look into every morning ages faster than you do😊💃😘


With love♥️ RITA

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