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Olga's story

Olga's story


My name is Olga and my story is as old as the world. 🙂

I have a terrible love for sweets, so the result was, unfortunately, inevitable and was only a matter of time. The moment I realized: “STOP! Something needs to be done!" came in May 2018 - I weighed 97 kg with a height of 176 cm, clothing size 46 (in some places more than 48), but one photo put an end to everything, in which I look like a woman 40 +++ in my 30 years. To say that I felt miserable is to say nothing.

At the beginning of 2019, before I approached Ineta (actually my husband wrote her instead of me because I was just squeaking that I had to write, but the action on my part didn't last long), I managed to drop 11 kg independently. My husband and I started Nordic walking, so I say with a laugh that I was going to drop the first 10 kg. Of course, there were also changes in the menu - the amount of sweets consumed was reduced to the maximum possible.

In turn, with a menu and sports activities (cardio) managed to lose another 13 kg in 4 months. Already at this point, I would like to emphasize that I had and still have a lot of support from my husband - we count kcal together, play sports together, and have "cheat meals" together. 🙂

At that time, visually and mentally, there was a completely different person in front of the mirror - a young, beautiful, radiant woman who had finally regained her self-confidence.

But everything is too smooth and beautiful to have an end. In fact, the fight has just begun.

A very long story in a nutshell - there were falls, again eating extra pounds, and ups and downs, getting rid of them thanks to the menu compiled by Ineta and her advices. In total, there seemed to be 3 attempts to get on the right and healthy path. Experience and understanding of mistakes made it possible to gradually stabilize (now, for several years, bodyweight has fluctuated from 72 to 75 kg).

Definitely not hypocritical when I say that 100% I follow the right diet. There are times when I break up eating "not healthy" and too much (even for several days in a row), but I have clear steps on how to always get back in mode.

But the biggest success in this whole story:

- support from the people closest to me (especially from my husband);

- made a great friend (Ineta, thank you very much for everything: valuable advice, huge support, joint trainings, trips and adventures and just nice conversations);

- met not only virtually, but also personally with versatile, wonderful, and infinitely sincere people (greetings to everyone from the "Slimming Chat");

- regained self-confidence and reduced inferiority complexes due to my appearance;

- I fell in love with strength training, due to which there is motivation to get up even at 04.00 in the morning;

- I realized that body weight is just a number, so I need to rely more on the reflection in the mirror or the size of the clothes.


For those who are still struggling, and for the young who are just joining the fight not only with the extra pounds but also with their inner demons, I wish to be armed with great patience, perseverance, and endurance, And also do not get hung up on kilograms of your body weight and, as Ineta often says, "let's not be too meticulous" about the fact that 30 g more berries/fruits are added to the porridge than indicated in the recipe.

We will succeed because we cannot fail! The main thing - give time! 🙂




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