Diana's story

Diana's story

I have always been of medium build, so to speak, neither too thin nor too fat. At the end of high school weighed 57 kg. I started working in the office, in the evenings at university and as a result, from a sedentary lifestyle, little by little, the extra weight started to accumulate every year. True with sports more on you have always been. I have never been interested in fatty foods, the problem is the addiction to sweets and "eating emotions". I realized that I had to start playing sports and reduce snacks when the weight was already fluctuating 63/65 kg. I started going to different types of aerobics. I did it all in a wave - I walked for several months, then left and that's how it went on for years. The last time I visited the gym was 7 years ago and then with a meal plan developed by a trainer and a weight training plan in the gym, but I was working independently and had no monitoring. I was not happy with the results either, the best was -5 kg, then it was eaten back with a spin. The problem was that the menu was the same and didn't give me any pleasure, so this attempt lasted only a few months. The maximum weight was 73 kg. Then I thought again how much I ate and then kept the weight in the range of 65/67 kg. I have not followed any drastic diets and fasting because there is an understanding of the negative effects it has on the body as a whole. I was already getting used to the fact that I wouldn't be thinner, and I didn't think it was so crazy. The court was reluctant to take pictures, because I saw a real situation in the pictures, which I did not like.

When I got pregnant my weight was 66 kg. In the ninth month of pregnancy, it was already 86 kg. In 2020, the girl was born under 3 kg. In less than half a year I got back to 67 kg, but only because I couldn't eat much then. In January 2022, it was finally the "right click" to focus on your appearance, your health, change your eating habits and improve your physical fitness, and that this time you should reach your target weight of 55 kg. I realized that I needed professional help from the outside. I went to the website of the sports club and started researching coaches and saw Ineta. I immediately remembered him, because many years ago I had already visited Ineta's website www.edunsporto.lv, where I had found and prepared several recipes for sweet dishes. I have always enjoyed making cakes and desserts in search of alternatives to make them as healthy and friendly as possible. Even then, I admired Ineta for her career as a professional fitness model.

I started researching Ineta's website again and saw that Ineta offers a weight loss challenge, which comes with a total slimming group chat for 1 month with Ineta's support and after that you can continue participating in the main group chat. Then I realized that this is a great opportunity that should definitely be tried. For the first 2 months I ate according to the developed menu and from the activities I had long walks every day. I was really pleasantly shocked by how fast I started to lose weight, and I didn't feel hungry. It was very interesting to try a lot of new recipes and flavors. My favorite dishes quickly appeared to me. After that, with the “tools” provided by Ineta, I made the menu for each week using Ineta's recipes. It is already the case that I can figure out which recipe I will make on a particular day that I want to eat. Of course, keeping in mind the distribution of nutrients and caloric intake. In my case, the option to prepare for the whole week doesn't really work, because I like to eat intuitively. In addition, I make cakes and desserts every week. Ineta cakes are just colossal !!!

After 2 months, I realized that I finally have to go in for sports and I want to do it for at least the first time under Ineta's supervision. Well, it will be 3 months right now as I go to the gym. Training days are my favorite, because after that there is a deep influx of energy and a high mood all day long. I am really grateful to Ineta for her contribution to this project and for everything she is doing so that we can each achieve our goal. Ineta provides a lot of valuable information, provides invaluable support. The rest is already in everyone's hands or ready for change. Because this is not another "short-term campaign", it is a story about lifestyle changes, eating habits, health improvement and conscious eating. I really like Ineta's saying "Do you want to drop the excess, do you just want to talk about it?"

I took part in the February 2022 challenge with a starting weight of 67.9 kg. My weight goal of 55 kg was reached in 4 months! What I could not achieve for more than 10 years, with the help and support of Ineta, I achieved in such a short time, without fasting, but with enthusiasm and passion. Of course, there were times when it was emotionally difficult and I wanted to have an extra snack, but my motivation prevailed. Of course, now I can afford something not so healthy or a "cheat meal", but I rarely want it.

My work with myself continues because, as they say, "appetite comes from eating."

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