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ARTURA Success story - dropped 32kg

ARTURA Success story -32kg

Where do we start our acquaintance ?! Yes, right, who am I about vegetables and from where? I have been called Arthur for 30 years. And I live among elves and trolls in distant Iceland. At times I feel like a dinosaur. Especially when we started it all with Ineta. At that moment, the good meter was intact 116 benefits. Idrit or a stick - then I was 29 years old behind my shoulders and a whole 116 goodies for 183 centimeters. And the saying / principle: "A good person needs to be a lot!" Was my life credo. To be honest - I didn't really feel any problems, I was able to grab a basshot, climb the stairs to the fifth floor, but the respite was like an old stallion. Yes, yes - I know you will say no to smoking. I'll answer - another poop when the pants are taken off. It is not the fault here, but the superfluous good. And a lot of me could give it to charity, but no one already took it. All wise, for free, only cheese in a mousetrap!
And then, back in November 2020, I wrote to Ineta because I saw that a new challenge would begin.
A: Hi! Arthur, 29 years old, 182 centimeters, probably 116 kilograms, after the toilet.
I: Hi, Archa! Hmm, are you serious? Really so hard for yourself?
A: You want to try. There is a curd in a Polish store, but someone I don't really know. It's mostly cottage cheese. Yes, the cheese is melted in the usual 15% ', which is lean and healthy. Everything natural is healthy.

How uneducated I was! But that's how it started - a novel of our work, which has been going on for half a year.
And to be honest: I haven't really become any wiser, if only a little!
Okay, okay, so you, my dear reader, don't run out halfway, I'll say that at the moment the gauge shows 84 benefits. What, impressive, isn't it?- 32 kg!  And it's without a gym! Only bread and water, well and candlelight… 
Okay, why did I sign up for this, not an article, but a challenge? Prikiņ - the knees started to hurt! And I realized that I needed to try to be relieved so that I would not have to intervene surgically. Well, and talkča, so you can see in full. 

How does this happen to Ineta? She prepares a menu, counts everything, writes clearly what to eat and how much to eat. When I, the elk, did not share, she explained that it could be replaced here. Or - you don't need this, you better buy it and this. In short - All inclusive. And the plus of all this is that she compiled the menu just for me. As far as I can admit, I cook when I'm in the mood and I cook with my heart and soul, and I love that weekday evenings are free, so Ineta made my menu 4/3. Monday-Thursday / Friday-Sunday. Individual approach! Maybe blats !? Well, she liked 116 good things. An exercise program was added to the menu. On which, to be honest, did not stand. Lazy. I just made a press, I pumped. That was not laziness. Now I understand that now is the time to connect the hall, otherwise it is no longer as smooth as I would like it to be. Jopcik, I almost forgot, she's still adding you to the WhatsApp group, where there are so many damn people like me! And with joint efforts, we each go to our own goal - to the lesser benefit. We discuss recipes, knives, ask for advice, share experiences and support each other. Because it's easier together, and there's a little spirit of competition that drives you forward.

I know what you're thinking now, "a cow will twig", everything can't be so good. I also don't believe, I think I'll be hungry, but not the devil! I remember writing to Ineta that maybe I could not eat the whole norm of the day, because now I don't go inside. The volume is large, but the energy value is not so great. So I didn't starve. The main thing is that I am behind thirty-nine seas and seven mountains, but the menu works and the products are practically the same. So that it will suit you wherever you are.
The first 4 weeks ended with " -11”Benefits, and the result is already seen, at least in numbers, on the meter, after the first week, which can not fail. After those 4 weeks of challenge, I realized that we would go further and together! It makes the trail better, more comfortable, and easier when there is a stable shoulder next to it. And here - after those 4 weeks, the next step begins, the next group of people, the secret "Cake Eaters Clan", dizzy ladies and their success, which motivates again, but let's stay for the next time.
If you are reading this, then push your finger up, split and apply - let's bake the cakes together! 


Continued (posted on 20/12/2021)

In my first article, which is here -> https://www.edunsporto.lv/?p=17618 I said that there will be a sequel and here it is. We will have a lot of chai or coffee and we will be more comfortable and hopefully interesting.

It's been a year in a circle (it sounds like it's in exile or in prison 😅) and there's a desire to share your experiences, experiences, failures and failures again.

Everyone seems to know that nothing in life is free. In order to gain / achieve something, one has to give up something or limit oneself in some way. When you lose weight it is sugar (sweets and lemonades), parties with a lot of alcohol until dawn, fast food and all other "unhealthy" products, habits. Not only my body but also my way of thinking changed with these restrictions and refusals. Your adjustments also appear in the value system. I know from my own experience that it is difficult to start something new and even more difficult to continue, especially if you have to do something for the first time. I was there myself, I went through it myself, so I know. Often want to give up everything by hand. Let me remind you that in November 2020 I weighed 116 kg, but in July 2021 they were only 84 kg. And such it is still 84-85 kg.

"Well, I'm too tired to do anything, I want to relax." you know how often such thoughts were stuck — more often than when you wanted to. Some kind of absurdity 😅 How difficult it is to stay in the grass for 2-3 months, give yourself everything there, but you don't see the result? Then I take my 2XL bag out of my closet, put it on, and I realize, “I've been going for months so far, was it easier at first? No, why should it be easier now? Do you want to wear XLs again? ' No thanks!" Well, such a real shot in the first place😂 And I'm ready to fight again. And through these former duels, the character hardens by itself and everything else changes.

And then there is the big day when suddenly you see the result, something has grown out of the seed you have sown. Johaid, then, are joyful pants. 😆 I have achieved it, rekur is my prize and how I like it. Then you will inadvertently remember the moment you were where your hands went down, and realize what a bit I am that I wouldn't throw myself at that time. And then it remains interesting what will grow there, how will it change, what will eventually happen? And here you have already forgotten about what was in the past and start in the future. With enthusiasm, hope and fear. Because you will have to work harder. And the vicious circle will begin again. I don't want to, I can't, naher. 😂 And then remembering the beginning, give, I can, I'm so far away! there has been no way back. And success will come again. 😉

I think there was a pretty good answer for those who want to know what are the miracle cures that help to lose weight? Work and fight with myself 24/7 would like to write 365 but 😂 I will write 300 days a year. "Normal" with the taxi must someday 😅

Thanks for reading, I hope you find it useful. And remember, you are not the only one who has a hard time. Be with you

Merry Christmas.😉🤗

Ps There is something else, but we'll leave it for next time.

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The new slimming challenge will start on 5 August, after

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