All reviews are written by real people, as a thank you for the help and support. All reviews are published unedited – exactly as they were sent.

Diana's success story

I started eating, eat right

The girl in both pictures is me- Diana. One Diana 2020. in January and the other today. What happened to me? Everything is simple- i started eating, eat right. My decision, to receive Ineta's help in arranging eating habits, is one of the best decisions, which I have accepted in my life. Because by arranging meals, change is inevitable ...

Simona's success story

Since high school, I've been sitting on a variety of diets - I've been a weight watcher, both followed the Minnesota diet, both Dikan diet, but all short-lived- how much weight did i lose, so back again and with each passing over. I went to the gym. Everything is good at first, bet, as the menu was not in order, the weight returned. It, either slimming down and breaking down again 104 kg.

Success Story of Artūrs -32kg

The good meter showed healthy 116 benefits. Idrit or stick, - Then I was 29 years behind the shoulders and healthy 116 benefits to 183 centimeters. And the saying / principle: "A good person needs to be a lot!”, was my life credo ... uN then began, - our work novel with Ineta, which has been going on for half a year.

Elīna's success story -33kg

Ineta, dear thank you for your many tips, words of encouragement, fabulous food and cake recipes. Its cakes! So many of us are in the top. If any doubt, that is not possible, then throw the doubts away, anything can and everything is possible, you just have to be very willing and of course not give up on the first difficulties! And most importantly, remember: which is coming slowly, it's coming well. Persistent!

Kristine's incredible and really difficult story

Seeing my photo on Ineta's profile, many expressed their disbelief: not, no, it is not possible, it is a photo shop, where the excess skin has remained, etc.. … OK good, i will share my story with you, how did i get to (In my view) almost perfect height.

I want to be happy, healthy and beautiful

I've never been thin. I was always a round girl. I was always kicked out at school, called it fat, my brother didn't call me a sister, bet par “masu”. Weight after birth 117kg. Then everything, I suddenly realized, that should try to drop at least 17kg. Yes, I know the saying, that good people need a lot, but it was too crazy. The doctors bar me, well, at least for them! But I had a hard time, because I often cried. I ate all kinds of "dragees" and, then I was tormented by reproaches. Then I received, then I give up again, then I received again then I gave up again….

Ilze's story: how did i regain my "Self"… mid - October, right on my birthday I climbed the scales. They just paralyzed me - 75.8kg. I had not been satisfied with myself for a long time. Mirror, if I really wanted to, paddle, but the numbers were even more relentless and that too, that I didn't want to be photographed for a long time, because the photos showed my true look, made me understand, that is the last time to change anything - if I now have 75kg, then it is no longer behind the mountains 80… and then already 100kg, but that's not what I wanted!

Inga's success story -31.5 kg

Admittedly, that the first weeks were a little harder, but also infinitely exciting - to find the right products on store shelves, because I live in Norway, try new flavors, plan shopping and meals ahead, what to take to work, etc.. a, then came the first results - and this ‘wow’ effect - when you see it, that all this really works, and can eat quite and deliciously, and supplements to lose weight. After 4 active weeks, in which I very closely follow the received menu and lose 6,4 kg, was able to continue working in the Whatsapp group, transfer weekly weight reports (this has been crucial for me!) …