How to create the perfect body

Each of us can create an ideal body. The "shapes" of our height are our ambition, the result of our determination and willpower.

Any healthy person can look like that, as he wishes. Our body is like clay, which we can build as we wish. It all depends on it, how strongly we want it.

Sometimes we just feel, that we really want something, for instance, lovely new year commitment – start a "new life" – start exercising, which fades in a month or even faster and the purchased cardio trainers turn into expensive clothes hangers.

Not, let's say - "I want to lose weight" or "I want to see the press cubes".

Okey. Bet, are you ready for the month, or more often – two, three, for six months:

  • Follow the regime of eating? Which means - don't just control the intake of Kcal, but also to properly balance nutrients and regularly cook and take food to work in boxes, otherwise Kcal and nutrient control is very difficult?
  • Exercise regularly. Which means – Schedule regular workouts in your daily routine, regardless of any circumstances.
  • Perform cardio workouts. Which in turn, means, will to you, Is not it so, Wear sports shoes and go for a run, cycling, to roll, row, to swim, etc., etc. until the body has used up glycogen reserves and does not get your fats.
  • Change your eating habits, to maintain progress?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, then, sorry, bet You just feel it, ka tu gribi yourself "press cubes”. More precisely – You like to see them for others and dream, that it would not be bad for yourself such a press…. -:)

Of course, the power of thought has enormous power, but unfortunately it is completely ineffective in cleaning and "putting" your body in order. Therefore, understand, that the fat from your body will not disappear and the "cubes" will not arise on their own just by your will.

Therefore, before lowering your arms and say, that I did not get anything, make sure, or have you really done everything, really everything, to achieve its goal?

Answer yourself, what last 3 days you have done, to achieve what you "want"? There was no time for training? There was a birthday party…? Not, what… .then you already drop the excess or those cubes not so much, what… .then you already drop the excess or those cubes not so much -:).

With love Ineta

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