Privacy Policy

In order to accept and fill orders, you entrust us with your personal data. This privacy policy has been developed, to help you understand, what data we collect, why we do it and how we use them. It is very important, so hope, that you take the time, to read this document carefully.


Customer is any natural person, which makes an application for consultation on the website or uses, has used, or has expressed a wish to use any of the services provided by

Personal data is any information directly or indirectly related to the Customer by which it is possible to identify the Customer.

Processing is any activity or set of activities performed with the Customer's personal data or sets of personal data, carried out with or without automated means, for instance, collection, registration, organization, structuring, storage, viewing, use of, harmonization, erasure or destruction or any other act performed with Personal Data (including data collection, copying, recording, storage, making requests, transfer, etc.).

The controller of the personal data is, hereinafter referred to as the Data Controller.

Collection of personal data

The acquisition of customers' personal data can take place as follows:

  • When making a purchase / placing orders on the website and providing information about yourself, so that the Data Controller is able to fulfill the terms of the concluded agreement and to contact you in the future (Your name, surname, Phone number, email address, age, sex, weight). Personal data may be obtained from our website or any other place where a purchase agreement may be entered into.
  • Submitting applications to the Data Controller, requests, complaints and making correspondence. The amount of data is determined by the customer. The data is obtained when you submit it to the Data Controller.
  • When making correspondence or calling a customer, to specify the information required for the execution of the order. Data is obtained during a correspondence or call with a customer.

Acquisition of other data

The data controller also collects anonymous data, against, message, which do not apply to any particular person (gender information, age, dominant language, location) and does not allow you to be identified directly or indirectly. We may also collect general information about customer activity on our website. This information is collected and used, so that we can get information about it, which articles and sections attract the most interest and accordingly prepare interesting site content for customers. You can find out more about collecting anonymous messages by reading our Cookie Disclaimer.

Use of the obtained customer's personal data

Personal data obtained by the data controller are used to fulfill obligations, determined by contracts with customers (to prepare a menu or exercise program), fulfilling a legal obligation, In the legitimate interests of the data controller, establishment of a right of claim, implementation and defense, etc..

Transfer of personal data to third parties

The data controller undertakes not to disclose the customer's personal data to the organization or any other person, if it does not ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data, except in the following cases:

  • the customer has agreed to the transfer of his personal data to third parties;
  • the transfer of personal data is required, to enter into an agreement with the client or to perform an agreement already entered into with the client;
  • the transfer of personal data is permitted in accordance with the requirements of the applicable regulatory enactments.
  • The Data Controller may transfer your personal data to third parties who provide services to the Data Controller and who ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data., for example, accounting service providers.

Scope and territory of personal data processing

Personal data is processed in the European Union / European Economic Area (ES / EEZ) tiktāl cik tas ir nepieciešams līgumu izpildei un Datu pārziņa leģitīmo interešu nodrošināšanai.

Storage period

Personal data will only be processed for that long, as needed. The storage period can be:

  • based on an agreement with the Client;
  • The legitimate interests of the data controller or the applicable laws and regulations.

Personal data, which are not necessary for invoicing and accounting are deleted 5 within days of providing the service. Information on the agreements concluded between the Manager and the Client is stored 10 years after the performance of the contract. Accounting records and documents of the accounting organization are kept 10 years. Other information or data is stored in accordance with the data controller's legitimate interests or applicable laws and regulations (for instance, laws on record keeping, etc.).

The rights of the customer as a data subject

Customer for the processing of their data, which are classified as Personal Data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations are the following rights:

  • Request correction of your Personal Data, if they are inappropriate, incomplete or incorrect.
  • Object to the processing of your Personal Data, if the use of Personal Data is based on legitimate interests, including profiling for direct marketing purposes.
  • Request the deletion of your Personal Data, for instance, if Personal Data is processed, based on the Client's consent and if the Client has withdrawn his consent. This right does not apply, and Persons give, whose deletion is requested, are processed, also on another legal basis, for instance, agreement or obligations arising from the relevant regulatory enactments.
  • Restrict the processing of your Personal Data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, for instance, at a time, while the Data Controller evaluates, whether the Customer has the right to delete the customer's data.
  • Get information, or the Data Controller processes the Customer 's Personal Data and, if processed, then also access them.
  • Receive your Personal Data, provided by the customer and processed on the basis of consent and / or performance of the contract in writing or in one of the most commonly used electronic formats, and, if possible, transfer such data to another service provider (data portability). Except when the Customer's personal data has been deleted at the end of its storage period.
  • Withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Data. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing, based on consent prior to withdrawal.
  • Prohibit the processing of your data for fully automated decision making, including profiling, if such decision-making has legal consequences or which in a similar manner significantly affects the Customer. This right does not apply, if a decision is required, to enter into or perform an agreement with the Client, if the decision is made in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations or if the Customer has given his explicit consent.

By giving your Consent to the processing of personal data, Customer confirms, that the Manager is entitled to perform the above actions in accordance with the GDPR, as well as confirms, that, in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR, he is informed and has knowledge of:

  • personal data processing controller;
  • for the purposes of processing your personal data;
  • potential recipients of their personal data;
  • their right to access and rectify their personal data;
  • the legal basis for the processing of personal data;
  • their right to be informed free of charge of those natural and legal persons, who have received information about the Client from the Manager within the specified period;
  • to, that the controller of personal data is prohibited from including state institutions in the information provided to the Customer regarding the recipients of personal data, who are the drivers of criminal proceedings, subjects of operational activities, or other institutions, for which the law prohibits the disclosure of such information;
  • date, when the last corrections or data of the Customer's personal data have been deleted or blocked;
  • source of personal data, unless the law prohibits the disclosure of such information;
  • their right to information, which was collected about him in the personal data processing system, unless the law prohibits the provision of such information.

In case, ja Klients pieprasa Pārzinim sniegt iepriekš minēto informāciju, The controller shall provide it as soon as possible, but not later than one month after receipt of the request. If necessary, the time limit for providing information may be extended to 2 months, given the complexity and number of requests. The Manager shall inform the Customer of any such extension and the reasons for the delay within one month of receiving the request. If the Customer submits the request in electronic form, information, if possible, provided in electronic form, except, if the Customer requests otherwise. The information is provided free of charge.

If the Customer's requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular due to their regular recurrence, The manager may charge a reasonable fee, taking into account administrative costs, relating to the provision of information or communication or the performance of the requested action, or refuse to comply with the request.

The customer has the right to receive personal data regarding himself, which he has provided to the Manager, structured, plaši izmantotā un mašīnlasāmā formātā un ir tiesības minētos datus nosūtīt citam pārzinim un Datu pārzinis tam nerada nekādus šķēršļus, and:

  • processing is based on consent;
  • processing is performed by automated means.

Exercising their right to data portability, the data subject has the right to send personal data directly from one controller to another, if technically possible. This right does not apply to processing, what is needed, to complete the task, carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority legally conferred on the controller.

The Client has the right to turn to the Manager's data protection specialist in matters of personal data protection, writing a letter to an email address: To submit complaints regarding the use of Personal Data to the relevant state institution, if the Customer considers, that its processing of Personal Data violates its rights and interests in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

The Client is obliged to inform the Manager as soon as possible about any changes in his personal data.

Protection of customer's personal data

The data controller shall take all possible security measures (including administrative, technical and physical), to protect customers' personal data. Only authorized persons have access to the data processing and modification functions.

Access to customers' personal data

Clients, by submitting a reasoned written request, have the right to receive such information:

  • what information about the customer has been obtained, data source, when the information contained in the data has changed (if the regulatory enactments allow it);
  • the purposes for which the personal data are processed, information on the recipients of personal data;
  • information about it, whether the data have been processed automatically.

Data security

All customer personal data, which have become known to the Data Controller in the course of providing services or in any other way shall be considered confidential information.

The encrypted channel for data transfer ensures the security of the buyer's personal data and bank details.

To protect the interests of the client, we provide:

  • fair and lawful processing of personal data;
  • processing of personal data only in accordance with the said purpose and to the extent necessary;
  • the type of storage of personal data, which makes it possible to identify the customer at any given time, which does not exceed the period provided for the original purpose of the processing;
  • accurate processing of personal data and their timely updating and correction if personal data is incomplete or inaccurate;
  • deletion of personal data if requested by the person to whom the specific personal data applies and if the deletion of data does not interfere with the performance of the agreement entered into with the client.

The customer has the right to reasonably request, to have his personal data updated, corrected, as well as the termination of the processing of personal data or the deletion of data, if they are obsolete, incomplete, untrue, unlawfully processed or no longer serves the original purpose for which the data were processed.

Rules and amendments to the personal data processing policy

We accept, that before using our website, You have read and agree to the principles and rules of our Privacy Policy. Mēs paturam sev tiesības veikt grozījumus Personas datu apstrādes politikas galvenajos nosacījumos saskaņā ar piemērojamajiem normatīvajiem aktiem, notifying customers of relevant changes on, or otherwise, no later than one month before the amendment enters into force.

For all matters relating to the Personal Data Processing Policy or to data processing, or, if you want to completely delete your personal data transferred to the Data Controller, please contact us, using an email address:

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