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do I "break down" all the time?

I am often asked what to do to avoid losing weight again? Simple. Breaking down means that you are doing something wrong. So the body is missing something.
If the body receives everything "due to it", no breakdown should occur. Well, at least not so often and tragically. If you break down, it just means that your menu is not complete and balanced. Much of the weight loss is due to drastic diets, categorical and drastic restrictions: no sweets, no bread…. We eat only chicken fillets, eggs and cucumbers…. And we lose weight! Hooray! Weight is falling! However, we all understand that this cannot be the case. Sooner or later the TAS will take place…. To keep TAS from happening: some of my suggestions:


Chicken fillet, broccoli, buckwheat and everything else. You want something delicious, don't you? Because food is one of our daily pleasures. Eating healthy is tasteless? Myth! It's all a myth!
What to do? Start cooking delicious food, with ingenuity, but in the right way and from the "right" products. In the section "Recipes" there are so many, for all tastes, to taste the rest of the family as well. Give it a try!


The feeling of constant hunger is unbearable. The body requires supplementation with energy and nutrients.
What to do? Calculate how much your body needs per day: protein, carbohydrates and fats. It can help to switch to normal portions (often many receive my menus after which they complain that they can't eat everything at all). Not everyone knows why they are afraid of carbohydrates? Why? But they give us a feeling of satiety, give us energy. Calculate, how much you should intake, you can here on my page.


Sweets give us a sense of happiness, and yet, we need to relax a little bit on a regular basis. Did you know that giving up sweets is bad for your mental health?
What to do? Start making the right desserts and eat them at least every day. Substitute sugar with one of the natural sugar substitutes, but the treats are made from wholemeal flour, which is also very good at baking "training". And here, too, you can get some ideas in the "Recipes" section.


The weakened body needs to regenerate energy and you throw on top of the food, no matter what is good, what is bad.
What to do? NO train for hours in a sports club, but choose an appropriate training load, according to your diet (kcal deficiency). Or just walk a lot, climb the stairs, do not choose the elevator. Think about these 4 points and try to apply them every day, you will see - you will succeed!

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