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Watermelons, melons - and weight loss

When watermelon and melon season arrive, I am often asked: can I? Watermelons and melons are some of the most delicious fruits. Sweet, juicy, but it is believed that they are high in sugar and, if the goal is to lose weight, it is better to give them up.

Why? They do not contain so many calories, but a lot of vitamins. On average around 35 - 40 Kcal per 100g. However, if weight loss is your goal - you need to pay attention to these two parameters:

  1. Amount eaten. It's really hard to stop. Because these products are sweet and the hands just stretch for the next juicy piece. And without realizing it, we can eat even a whole kilogram of this wonderful fruit. But it will be around 350 - 400 Kcal - one good dinner.
  2. Glycemic index. It is very high for these fruits, 75 for watermelons and 65 for melons.

In general, it is recommended to use products (including fruit) with low or medium glycemic index (with an index of 55 or less), other products (above 55) should be consumed less frequently and in smaller portions, as products with a high glycemic index are processed faster - hunger is more quickly quenched, but then you will soon want to eat again. Therefore, when using such products, you will feel hunger more often.


What if these fruits taste so good? Opt out? No - you don't have to give up.

  1. Don't exclude them from your menu, but eat them without getting too excited. 150g for one snack will be enough.
  2. Protein products reduce the level of the glycemic index. Eat them with cottage cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt or kefir. This way you will be able to stop in time, because you will also feel full faster.

Low glycemic index fruits and berries

White and red currants;








All kinds of citrus fruits - lemons, grapefruits, pomelo, mandarins, oranges;


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