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Inetas Rijnieces Veselīgas tievēšanas izaicinājums

Ja esi šeit, lai izveidotu savu sapņu augumu un dzīvotu saskaņā ar sevi – es priecāšos Tev palīdzēt!

Ja esi šeit, lai “zaudētu līdz 1 kilogramam tauku dienā” vai meklē svara samazināšanas programmu “kuru izmanto 3 miljoni sieviešu un vīriešu visā pasaulē” vai diētu “kas balstīta uz jaunākajiem zinātnes sasniegumiem” vai diētu “par kuru vēl neviens nezina…” vai kādus citus brīnumlīdzekļus, tabletes, tējas utt. – es Tev visticamāk nespēšu palīdzēt, jo pasakām jau sen vairs neticu. Vairāk par tā saucamajām Ātrajām diētām varat izlasīt šeit.

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Feedback from participants

All reviews have been written by real people in gratitude for their help and support. All reviews are unedited - just as they were submitted.

Simon's success story
Since high school, I've been sitting on a variety of diets - I've been on the lookout for weight, following the Minnesota diet and the Dican diet, but all for a while - back and forth. I went to the gym. At first, everything was fine, but as the menu was not organized, the weight returned. That's how I lost up to 104 kg when I lost and lost weight again.
ARTURA Success story -27kg
The benefit meter showed a total of 116 benefits. Idrit or a stick - then I was 29 years old behind my shoulders and a whole 116 goodies for 183 centimeters. And the saying / principle: “A good person needs to be a lot!” Was my life credo ... And then it started - our work novel with Ineta, which has been going on for half a year.
Elins success story
Ineta, dear thank you for your many tips, encouraging words, fabulous food and cake recipes. Those cakes! Many of us are in the top. If someone doubts that it is not possible, then throw the doubts away, everything can and everything is possible, you just have to be very eager and of course not give in to the first difficulties! And most importantly, remember: what comes slowly comes well. Lasting!
Ilze's success story
In mid-October 2010, right on my birthday, I got on the scales. They just paralyzed me - 75.8kg. I had not been satisfied with myself for a long time. The mirror lied if I wanted to, but the numbers were even more relentless, and the fact that I didn't want to take a photo for a long time, because the photos showed my true appearance, made me realize that it was high time to change something - if I now have 75kg, then no longer behind the mountains 80… and then already 100kg, but I did not want that!
Kristine's success story
When I saw my photo in Ineta's profile, many people expressed their disbelief: well, no - it's not possible, it's a photo shop where there is excess skin, etc. … Okay, I'll share with you my story of how I came to an almost perfect height.

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