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Tarte with cumin cheese and mushroomsI've found a dough for tarts that I really like. Since there is still cumin cheese left in the house, I found a great way to "dispose of" it in the salty tart.
Lavash pie and pizza with mushroomsI don't always succeed as planned. This time I was planning to bake lavash pies. However, the lavash was so dry that it broke before I could cut it the way I wanted it to. The result is one large patty and a 2-story pizza.
Zucchini pizzaI was left without an oven for 3 days. So what? Even without it, you can prepare delicious meals - for example, a delicious pizza pan.
Big zucchini pizza with chickenEveryone always tastes pizza. And the good thing about it is that it can be made from almost anything that can be found in the fridge…
Pizza on tortillaWhen there is not much time, but you want to eat delicious, tortillas are useful again.
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Post-holiday diet

Post-holiday diet

After the holidays, when I am both well eaten and drunk, I am often asked - What kind of post-holiday diet will help me to drop what I eat during the holidays? The answer is - just no diet!

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